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Hmm… we may sound arrogant and too full of ourselves, but that is just a façade as to what we actually are. Deep inside we really care for you and want to know what you think of the Planet-Goa website as well as about the Planet-Goa magazine! So let us know your opinion…throw a tomato, or just a bouquet of roses and we’ll acknowledge it all!

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We got connected to Planet-Goa around the same time as we came to Goa for the first time - four years ago. We were in love with the place and its people, so we bought a copy of Planet-Goa then, and never looked back. Month after month, it has given us everything about Goa, and we still look forward to more. You hold a copy in hand and you start yearning for Goa. So much so, that we have become a part of Goa now. Planet-Goa has grown, in all aspects and we wish it and its team the very best for the future.
- Ritu Yadava, Mumbai

We have enjoyed working with Planet Goa over the last four years. Their approach is very professional and we have just loved all the articles written about our gallery in the magazine, as also their reviews of the "Van Andel & Peace Jewllery" range which have been thoughtfully presented. we look forward to a successful future together in Goa. Happy to be part of the Planet Goa family!
Karen Peace, Owner, Cheshire Cat Gallery

Congratulations on your fourth anniversary. It's always a delight to read your magazine as it showcases Goa, its people, culture, food, fairs, feasts, festivals, music and tourism. Your talented staff does a great job in covering every topic. Keep up the good work. Viva Planet-Goa! Best wishes.
- Mario D'Costa, Madison, WiSsonsnusa.

This is a wonderful magazine. It brought me up to the finest natural beauty of Goa. There are such incredible destinations of which I came to know with the help of Planet-Goa. It is very useful for the people who are searching for a property in Goa. It brings us up to the life in Goa as while leafing through it, we feel like we're physically present in Goa. I would thank the Planet-Goa team for publishing such a great magazine.
- Milind Patil, Raigad, Maharashtra

The first time I saw Planet-Goa was a monsoon issue featuring the various waterfalls in Goa a couple of years ago at a friend's place. I liked the issue very much and have been reading it regularly since then. Planet-Goa holds a special place in my heart as it was the first print medium wherein my photos (Sunday Drive column featuring photos of Cabo De Rama in 2012) were published. Planet-Goa has helped me discover many places within Goa which were not known to me. I wish the entire team of Planet-Goa great success in their endeavours.
- Prashant Patil, Arlem, Raia, Salcete

Thank you for the opportunity to write a few words for your anniversary issue of Planet-Goa. The magazine captures all that Goa boasts of, from cuisine, to culture, happenings and tourist places of interest, specially offbeat locations even locals are not aware of. My son and daughter, Aman and Tanya, can't think of a more relaxing destination than Goa for our annual vacation. We discover new restaurants each time we visit Goa and find something different to discover, Goa is never the same each time.
- Louise Sharma, New Delhi

Planet-Goa has always been very close to my heart. I love the way the magazine is - of good quality and very informative. Goa has so much to share and through Planet-Goa we get to know all of it, sitting at our homes. The delivery of this magazine has always been very prompt, all the way to Mumbai. When I share this magazine with friends, they say: "this is awesome, a traveler's must-have". All of us here in Mumbai love Planet-Goa; it gives us the Goan connect.
- Nelvis Rodrigues, Mumbai

Congratulations to Planet-Goa for their successful four years, I am indebted to this magazine for keeping me in touch with my beloved Goa. After visiting Goa several times and shooting a couple of feature films in Goa, I thought I knew every nook and cranny of Goa, but issue after issue of Planet-Goa surprised me with so much delightful information. I mean who knew there were Buddhist caves in Goa? All the best, keep it coming!
- Pankuj Parashar, Mumbai

Goa is the most written-about place but no print media captures the full flavour of this gem of a heaven as Planet-Goa does. I have been visiting Goa since this tiny state's liberation from the Portuguese. On my last visit about a year back I chanced upon Planet-Goa which I immeditely suscribed to. It has superb presentation and is very colourful and informative. I now know that I have missed out on so many sites and so many to-do things which I look forward to explore. Planet-Goa rekindles a traveler's wanderlust and makes the readers realise that there are scores of unexplored interesting places, both manmade and natural; heritage and modern; eats and drinks; fish and fruits; sun, sand, nightlife and casinos; flea market, chor bazar and modern malls. But what impressed me most is their system of informing the suscriber when the issue is posted. This is the most unique and helpful service which no other publication is doing.
- B.K. Dalal, Mumbai

Congratulations on yet another anniversary and for providing such a great service with your wonderful informative magazine. Goa has many beautiful places with so much potential but it really needs much more for locals and tourists alike to make it a great place. Keeping the towns and beaches clean and educating the population not to dump rubbish anywhere is just one of them. All the best for the years ahead and well done to your team for producing a great magazine.
- Pat Rodrigues, Estoril, Portugal

For a Goan to be based out of Goa is a very difficult situation. Because we Goans always crave our hometown, people, villages, balcao, fresh seafood, just about everything. Planet Goa for me is that connection with each issue which brings out some respite and makes staying in Gurgaon that much bearable. Need I say more? Thank you Planet-Goa for bringing Goa to me every now and then. All the best for your anniversary issue.
- Yamini Dessai Bagga

Since moving to Goa, I have found Planet-Goa to be a fantastic little guide to some great places I have never heard of and neither had my Goan friends. Beautifully put together with warmly written content and excellent photo graphics. Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work!
- Paul Penny, Calangute, Goa

I look forward to receiving my Planet-Goa copy in Delhi. Your articles help me explore and enjoy Goa immensely. I compliment and congratulate you on your success.
- Indoo Sethi, New Delhi

Planet-Goa is a magazine which gives information about events happening all over Goa. It gives us details of almost everything like Spas, Restaurants, festivals and the awesome places to go trekking at and for picnics. We have subscribed to the magazine in our school library too.
- Vienna D'Sa, Librarian Sunshine Worldwide School

Goa is heaven on earth but Planet-Goa provides all possible knowledge about this heaven. You can see all shades of Goa through Planet-Goa.
- Pawan Khanna, New Delhi

Goa is a critical destination across our key businesses at Thomas Cook India, be it domestic, inbound, MICE or foreign exchange - and your comprehensive coverage certainly goes a long way in showcasing the vibrancy of the multi-faceted Goa. As a Goan, it is with a sense of personal pride that I congratulate you on this your 4th anniversary issue and hope to see many more to come...Kudos!
- Rambhau Kenkare, President & Head - Legal & Company Secretary, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd., Goregaon, Mumbai

Planet-Goa is the face of Goa. It reflects its culture, people and gastronomy. We stay in Pune, still we are always updated through your magazine about the events, festivals, shopping, and touristy places. As we have a house in Goa, we often visit the state and are more than happy to try to go to restaurants and places you recommend. We run boutique holiday apartments in Goa and our guests too, find it useful to read Planet-Goa as they can plan their short stay better with the help of your information and tips. Last but not the least I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the personal attention of the editor Gautam Mukerjea. He looks into every matter personally to solve it, if you contact him. This is extremely important for readers. I wish you many more successful years ahead and will always look forward to read each and every issue of Planet-Goa.
- Sudhanwa Khandekar, Pune

Planet-Goa is a very informative magazine on Goa. The articles are very interesting, giving people good information about Goa and other cities. I wish it great success and will continue to subscribe to this magazine.
- Farhad Sethna, Mumbai

An ideal and enriching travel guide is how I would describe Planet Goa, a literary path to intellectual and spiritual betterment. What Vogue did for fashion, Planet-Goa is doing for Goa as a destination. Plus, the editorial formula is irresistible for all "us vagabonds at heart", providing all those words and eye catching pictures. This magazine and its vibrant website uses photographs to tell stories. I get to travel and read glorious pieces month after month, all sitting in my own armchair! Here's to your anniversary and wishing you many more to come.
- Parvish Kamat, Miramar, Panjim

Congratulations to Planet-Goa team on their fourth anniversary. I really love Goa and everything Goan - places, people, culture, food. I love to go there again and again and it is really difficult to leave at the end of your holiday. The only way I can persuade myself to leave is by making reservations for the next trip and the countdown starts again! My work does not permit me frequent visits but I have every plan to settle there post retirement. God really loves us thats why he created Goa. Planet- Goa is great because it keeps me in Goa" when I am not in Goa. Wonderful magazine, good writeups, beautiful pictures, useful information - it has everything. Great job.
- Dr. Rajeev Singh, Saharanpur

It's been a delightful journey for me and the Planet-Goa magazine. I came across my very first copy at the Dabolim airport in late December 2012 while returning home to Mumbai and what a joy it was to read such a comprehensive Goa-centric magazine. I booked the two-year subscription and voila! I won a two-night stay at the Grand Hyatt! What more can one ask for? Thank you Planet-Goa for all the special moments. I wish the entire team all the very best and a successful journey for years to come.
- Sylvia & Clifton, Mumbai

The beautiful state of Goa deserves a dedicated travel magazine and Planet-Goa has shouldered that responsibility very well. Despite being a regular visitor to Goa since the past 18 years, Planet-Goa surprises me with offbeat places which I have never heard of. A big thumbs up to team Planet-Goa. Keep the issues coming.
- Ronak Shah, Mumbai

Within a few years of its existence, Planet-Goa has become a name to reckon with in Goa's tourism circles. Founder Gautam Mukerjea no doubt plays a big role with his creative vision and direction. Having contributed as a writer to the magazine, I vouch for the fact that Gautam allows for creative licence and is open to new ideas and dialogue. Their FB Page is a success; the proof lies in the high levels of engagement from readers. More power to you, Team Planet-Goa!
- Nicola Desouza, Mumbai

I belong to Punjab but always considered Goa as my second home. Physically I visit Goa twice a year but mentally and emotionally I visit the state 10 times a year via Planet-Goa! I feel proud and honoured to be a citizen of this 'planet'!
- Navtej Sandhu, Amritsar

Thank you Gautam Mukerjea and team, for baking a hot Goa-based literary cake every month. I have enjoyed Planet-Goa, perhaps ever since the year it was launched. With ‘travel and exotic destinations’ being the hot-selling concept, every nook and corner of Goa continues to hold tremendous potential to make it to the tourist guide along with its many offerings. Though I hail from South Goa myself, The Mysteries of Cabo de Rama and the Cosmic Man (Vol 4. Issue 10), was an exotic piece to read. I have always loved your cover photos, specially the aerial views of Goa. Best wishes and looking forward for more on my beautiful Goa!
- Miriam Gracias, Public Relations Manager, Grand Hyatt Goa

I don’t like to be ceremonial, so then casual it is! I have encountered simply the nicest team at Planet Goa, from Samira to Amina, from Aritra to Marissa. At the helm of this agreeability is of course Gautam, with his easygoing candour. It’s always a pleasure interacting with them, especially since they are not just supportive of the relationship, but also rather understanding of any constraints there may be. Planet-Goa is now an integral feature of Goa’s media landscape and I wish them many more productive (and fun) years in the offing!
- Reema Kamat, Communications Manager, Goa Marriott

The title clearly suits your magazine, 'Planet-Goa' which covers all the domains, be it businesses, entertainment, fashion, travel and so on. A must-read tabloid of Goa.
- Sneha Rodrigues, Manager - Sales & Marketing, Sinq

It’s always a pleasure interacting with the team of Planet-Goa. In the last four years, I’ve seen the magazine grow from strength to strength and I’m always eager to grab my copy, snuggle down with a cuppa chai and browse through to find out about Goa’s hidden gems. With the launch of the online edition, I’m sure it can only get bigger and better and here’s wishing Gautam and the entire team my heartiest congratulations and many more successes to come. And thanks to the last edition, I now want to visit Istanbul more than ever!
- Rashmi Chittal, PR & Marketing Manager, Alila Diwa Goa

In the clutter of print media vying for your attention at newsstands, Planet-Goa is surely the one that stands out. It not just a traveler's magazine, but also has interesting articles for us resident Goans as well. Besides setting the benchmark, having been able to sustainably maintain both the quality and content has easily made Planet-Goa my favourite magazine.
- Hansel Vaz, Owner, Cajulo Feni

Planet-Goa over these last four years has evolved, offering readers insights on the nooks and corners of Goa as well what the rest of the world has to offer. I would like to sum it all up in a few words -- Planet-Goa is like a breath of fresh air every month, which I look forward to laying may hands on, the minute I know the issue is out.
- Edra Godinho, Asst. Manager – PR, Park Hyatt

I have been an avid reader and participant of Planet-Goa since its launch. It has been a pleasure watching it grow into one of the most respected magazines on Goa, providing valuable inputs on the hidden gems of Goa while being truly the foremost lifestyle magazine with its readership restricted not just Goa but nationally and internationally with many tourists recommending it as a reference book for info on what is on during their visits and to know about more about the hinterlands, prevalent lifestyles, popular spots and attractions / offerings. My heartiest Congrats on your anniversary. Hoping to have a long and fruitful association.
- Amit Chopra, Owner, Escala Realty

Working with Planet-Goa for the past two years has been simply amazing as they have continually wowed us with their work. We wish Gautam and the entire team of Planet-Goa all the success in the years to come.
- Morzenia Coutinho, Director, Longuinhos

Planet-Goa is a great quality magazine with well-researched stories, places of interest and eateries. I take notes and save them to visit during my next visit to Amchem Goa.
- Vivek Mendonsa, Longuinhos

I am in receipt of the packet containing 17 back issues and sincerely thank you for the same. I read lots of magazine on different subjects but I must confess that Planet GOA is one of the best magazines I have ever read. Editorials are relevant and down to earth. The magazine provides perfect balance and blend of information about GOA. Please convey my sincere thank to all the Planet Goa team and especially to Mukerjea Sir, for bringing out such an outstanding publication
- Sandeep Prasad, Rajkot, Gujrat

Excellent Magazine. Very much useful information about Goa. I liked it very much. Good job by the PG Team
- Kailash, Banglore

On my recent visit (to goa) I purchased a copy, perhaps the first compliments to you for bringing out a truly international class magazine, fantastic on content, presentation and printing too....Hope you maintain it and keep it going.....Best wishes to Planet-Goa
- Anurag Yadava via facebook,

Wonderful Magaine! I was recently in Goa and got to grab the Magaine at a store in Varca. This is quite an impressive start. All the best for the future editions and keep the thought moving!
- Siddhartha Ghose, Banglore,

Hi all at Planet-Goa, Whilst in Goa recently (Oct 2010) we enjoyed reading your magazine. We picked up vol 1 issues 1&2 but we are now back in the UK, we would very much like to receive forthcoming issues is it possible to have them sent to us here in England? Regards Garry & Julie
- Garry & Julie

I like this magazine, it truly rocks!!!
- Rasha Sayad, Panaji

As a journalist now based in Turkey, but holidaying in Goa, I think Planet Goa is simply essential reading for the traveller and Indian expat. Rich photographs - complements to Rosanna Dsouza, surely a photojournalist in the making - incisive writing and a 360-degree view of what is happening in the state. A captivating couple of hours or an easy read to pick up useful tips while on the balcony. A must read travel companion.
- Andy Probert, Didim

At the outset,let me congratulative PLANET GOA for daring to give a quality magazine to the people of goa.I wish this magazine a big success.All the three issue so far have been very informative and entertaining.I am sure ,this magazine will not only live up to the expections of goan readres but will win their hearts as well.
- Bharat Kothari , Panjim

Your issue this month is excellent . Good Luck to You & entire team!
- Siddesh Joshi, Vasco,

Why do your comment boxes not function??
- Dr. Ferdinando dos Reis Falcão., Margao

Ummm just tried to send you an email but it was bounced back as mailbox full. So, this is what I tried to tell you: Enjoy the magazine when I'm in Goa! But obviously I can't get it in the UK. So I keep an eye on the website and catch up with back issues when I return. But linking articles on the website with individual magazine issues is a pain as you don't indicate on each online article which issue it appeared in. Neither do you give a full index in the magazine issue tease. For instance the review of 'Cholta Cholta' on the site (id 493) is in what issue? Or is it just online? Help! PS your form will not accept international numbers as valid and as a mandatory field I've had to enter someone else's number - yours!
- Helen, London

Hello Team Planet. I am doing a research on goan magazines as part of my college project. Just wanted to know if you'll are a Goan magazine. Also wanted to know if Planet Goa is a lifestyle or a travel magazine. Thanks! :)
- Surabhi Kamat, Margao

The article on Cube gallery which has been written by Chike Deluna is one of the best I've seen for a while. Very intelligently written, and raises the bar for your magazine!
- Vijay Patel

Received the December issue…Thanks a lot!!! The issue looks really beautiful and festive. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous New Year 2015!!!
- Aruna Rathod

Many thanks Planet Goa. This really helps. I will defi nitely be checking out your website as well. Again many thanks for getting back to me.
- Curly Kell

Back from an awesome goa trip! Thanks for all the help, wishes and reco @shivya @PlanetGoaTweets @Amrita_Dass @Mons_yap n many more!
- Shalini Baisiwala

Adil Shah Palace, Goa ( Old Secretariat Building) An art lover's delight, a treat for one's visual appetite!!! Stumble upon Awesome. Walk-in to the Heritage structure of Adil Shah Palace, Goa today and witness some exquisitely curated art, in varied forms.
- Sabina


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