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High Season

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High Season
High Season


The Goan carnival is a riot of colors. It is a three day pre-lent festival that most Goans await with alacrity and happens in a different city a day. It features King Momo, the legendary King of Chaos, who leads his entourage of fire-eaters, acrobats, clowns, zanies, dancers, brass bands and other followers in a procession down the street chosen as venue. Spectators watch the procession of floats, depicting assorted themes that range from global warming to more traditionally inclined subjects. It is a three day period of indulging appetites and expressions before the forty days of abstinence. The colors and exuberance of Carnival reflect the spirit of Goa. Read more about Carnival here


Easter is celebrated in Goa in all its glory. Easter Sunday culminates the forty days of prayer and penance undertaken by Christians, to observe Lent. It has no fixed date but is always celebrated on a Sunday, marking the day of Christ’s resurrection. It is an occasion for celebration with friends and family. Beautiful Easter lanterns, Easter bunnies and painted eggs are exchanged along with warmth and amity. Dressed in their best finery, people indulge whole heartedly in the festivities. Street plays, songs and dances enhance the day’s happy hue. This is the festival to be at to be vis-avis with Goa’s traditional side. Read more about Easter here


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