10 Must Do Watersport activities in Goa (2022)

From going deep into the water to flying high up in the sky, Goa has every kind of watersport for the thrill-seeker. Shobhika Jaju rounds up 10 must do watersport activities, if you are in Goa before the rain showers start!

It is no surprise that when we think of watersports in India, we think of Goa. This beautiful sunny state has so much to offer, and watersports of all kinds are another one of its treasured offerings for the many visitors. It would be right to say, that for most people in India at least, their first brush with a watersport activity has happened in Goa.

With a vast coastline, and favourable water & wind conditions, Goa’s beaches offer the perfect space for conducting watersport activities. While there is a lot to choose from, here is a list of the top 10 watersport activities, you must do in Goa.


The most popular watersports in Goa, and one that is very easily available at most beaches. Be one with the sky as you glide through, and witness the beauty of Goa from above.

Where to try: All popular beaches in North & South Goa.

Paramotor gliding

Similar to parasailing, in paramotor gliding, there is a motor mounted on a cart type unit with two seats, one for the pilot and the other for the rider. The activity allows you to experience the breathtaking beauty of Goa from up above and takes much lesser time than traditional parasailing and paragliding.

Where to try: Benaulim beach, Ashvem & Calangute beaches.


A calmer cousin to windsurfing, sailing on Goa’s coasts, especially during the sunny summer days, is a pure delight. Depending on the boat size you can do this with your entire family & with kids of all ages.

Where to try: Bambolim beach, Vagator beach, Anjuna beach, Dona Paula beach.


Slowly catching up as a must do watersport activity, kayaking’s appeal lies in the fact that it mixes adventure with sightseeing. Travellers who are looking for slow travel experiences can Kayak to soak in the beauty of Goa’s mangroves and backwaters.

Where to try: Sal backwaters, Mandovi mangrove area

Jet Skiing

Still catching up as a water sport but definitely getting its due share of attention by the younger lot, jet-skiing provides a lot of thrill for adventure seekers.

Where to try: Colva, Uttorda, Aguada, Vagator & other popular beaches

Jet ski

Banana Boat ride

You must have seen this one on almost every beach. When done with a bunch of friends, it is the most fun. Almost always, the boat has to trip over, soaking everyone in the water. A must do if you are here with friends and family.

Where to try: All popular beaches have this one

Speed Boat ride

Perhaps the easiest watersport available in Goa, speedboating allows you to experience the thrill of speed in the sea with your family & friends.

Where to try: Most popular beaches in Goa

Aerial View of Man Travelling in a Small Speed Boat at Brighton Sea, England.


A beautiful way to explore the sea life underwater is snorkelling. Snorkelling allows you to experience the marine life up close, and in Goa you can also explore the underwater coral.

Where to try: Grand Island off the coast of Vasco & other popular beaches

Scuba Diving

Did you know that you can become a certified scuba diver in Goa? Goa offers PADI certified scuba diving courses, and even if that’s not on your mind, you can go scuba diving for a few hours and have that life-changing experience, when you witness life underwater.

Where to try: Popular scuba diving locations include the Bogmalo beach at Vasco, & Grand Island.


This sport combines the adventures of surfing & cruising. Choose your preferred time of the day, and let the winds guide you. The choppier the water, the higher the thrill.

Where to try: Dona Paula – Bambolim beaches, other popular North Goa beaches.

Which one are you going to opt for on your next adventure trip to Goa?

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