3 Monsoon Festivals You May Find In Goa

Sao Joao: 

A feast celebrated predominantly in North Goa is a burst of colours, with people dressed with flower copels (flower wreaths worn on the head) and locals celebrating by jumping into wells. The Siolim river comes to life with colourful boats and music as people come out to celebrate the monsoons.

Chikal Kalo: 

A celebration that bring people from across the state together. Celebrated in Marcel, the feast remembers the child Krishna and his antics of playing in the mud. This celebration dates back to several decades and includes men coming together and splashing around in muddy slush and have a good time playing games and enjoying the time together.


The festival that happens on the island of Divar, brings the tiny island to life with colour, music, dance and some good food. The age old tradition to celebrate this festival dates back to when the Portuguese ruled the state and locals grew agitated with certain land laws on the island. This resulted in tearing down flags that were used to mark property- hence the name Bonderam, from bandeira which is flag in Portuguese. The expansive festivities are open to all, join in as part of the flag parades or dance to the beats of local musicians.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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