5 Must Visit Destinations During Ganesh Festivals

Ganesh may be a god known for removal of obstacles, but in Goa, Ganesh is the god of art and creativity. Because when the festival is on the threshold, youth across the state, whether in metros or villages or very remote areas wake up, wear their creative caps and create great works of art.

In Bardez, a whole island, which is practically deserted around the year buzzes with excitement. Islanders scattered around Goa, home in, and in each of the houses empty a whole room to create the Ganesh chitra. scenes from the Mahabharata or Ramayana or other puranas come alive. not just that, every chitra incorporates some movement, most of them using the basic table fan to provide the motion. The must visit island is Zuem, in the village panchayat of Revora.

Marcela and Cumbharjua are two neighbouring villages that get bitten by the art bug. Individuals and temples trusts vie with each other to put up the most attractive Ganesh idol or the most innovative chitra. a group of youth at Cumbharjua, striving to take up challenges erect beautiful images of Ganesh in the river skirting the village. Their creation thus defies the tides and vagaries of the rain and wind.

Many individuals in the sattari Taluka put up mind blowing matoli – the canopy that covers the Ganesh installation. They scout the neighbouring hills, mountains and forests and gather exotic berries, fruit and flowers – a whole bounty of nature to decorate the matoli.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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