5 Neighbourhoods To Live In North Goa

CITY living today is getting daunting and exhausting what with air quality in the metros dipping to an all time alarming level. Couple it with increased vehicular traffic, incessant construction and a scary rate of deforestation, more and more Indians are slowly gathering courage to let go of the life that has so far been expected and accepted in places like Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. There are murmurs in social circles about the ‘life worth living ‘and unpolluted air is of utmost importance today. The flurry of Packers & Movers trucks arriving in Goa on a daily basis are testament to the fact that this land of chill vibes is slowly becoming a favourite for the ones seeking a cleaner and greener life.

Living in Goa is different, especially for people who know Goa like the back of their hands’, thanks to their multiple weekend trips concentrated between the Candolim to Ashwem coastal stretch. Pardon the sarcasm! Living in Goa is different because drinking beer lying on the beach is normally not an everyday activity, though if one can manage it, there is definitely no harm in it. Living in Goa is different because power cuts are real, newspaper vendors don’t deliver to your doorstep and next day delivery from Global e-com giants are but distant urban dreams thus far. The list goes on and the more time one spends in Goa, the more one realises the contrast from the life that they are aiming to leave behind. In a nutshell, these are perhaps the exact reasons that make ‘life worth living’ in this little paradise. So where should one live in Goa if you are moving straight from one of the big cities? Perhaps not South Goa because the contrast of city living and the extreme tranquility and mostly semirural way of life could baffle and frustrate the most jaded of city dwellers. So here’s a quick snapshot of some North Goa neighbourhoods that might help you shortlist, or perhaps confuse you further.


This is to break the fall. It is unfair to expect metro folk to move from their X BHK apartment living straight into drawing water from the well, keeping the backyard devoid of dried leaves, spraying bleaching powder in the backyard to keep snakes at bay or dealing with inconsistent cellular network and data. Hence, anywhere between Miramar and Dona Paula is a good start. With all urban amenities at hand thanks to the proximity to the state capital Panjim, this entire area is as city-like as Goa can get. Engulfed by the sea and the Mandovi estuary on three sides, Miramar to Dona Paula is a peaceful picturesque locality with seafacing villas on cliffs and new age housing societies coexisting one next to the other. Panjim market, a ten minutes drive away sells everything one needs. Miramar is a clean popular beach with a few more tucked away, waiting to be discovered on an unplanned walk. Dona Paula is a great tourist spot to drive your guests to and its very location makes it equidistant from the coastal belt of both North & South Goa. That in itself is a point to consider.


No it is not on the coast andthe nearest beachfront is atleast a half hour drive away!Socorro though is soaringon the popularity charts andmore and more people areopting to settle in this quiet,lush, picturesque town, a shortdrive away from the highwayconnecting Mapusa andPanjim. While a pristine 17thcentury church, football fieldsand stunning old houses adornthis once sleepy settlement, newconstructions of apartmentsand holiday homes are slowlyadding to the decibel levelsin this part of the state. Forpeople wanting to forget thebustle of city dwelling, yetnot be very far away from it,Socorro is a top choice.


Cross the highway from Mapusa further inland and you get transported to an Enid Blyton novel. Lush forests, meandering rivers and little hills form the backdrop nontraditional Goan homes that these days are mostly inhabited by the so called Creative Crowd. Peace of mind is essential for creativity and there is no scarcity of that in these neighbouring villages of Moira and Aldona. As an increasing number of Goan families are choosing the more manageable apartment dwelling compared to their traditional existence, city dwellers are seeing the romance in that. Being able to live with wild lilies in full bloom, buttercup flowers adorning the entrance gates of charming old villas and abundance of mango, jackfruit, gooseberry, breadfruit and a plethora of other fruit-bearing trees, this is the place for that perfect idyllic life.


Far far away from the glitz and glamour associated with Goa is the erstwhile capital of Portuguese India and a UNESCO World Heritage site. A short yet stunning drive from Panjim alongside the Mandovi River, Old Goa is famous for its spectacular churches including the Se Cathedral and more notably the Basilica of Bom Jesus. For a pristine life by the riverside, amidst the peace and piety of the many churches around, seasonal bird visits by the marshlands and minutes away from the island life of Chorao & Divar, Old Goa is a piece of history well-preserved. Look out for that residence by the riverside, it will surely be worth it.


A quaint fishing village snaking its way along the Mandovi river, Britona is testament to the quintessentially laid back Goan life. Charming old houses from the Portuguese era dot the riverside brimming with boats and yachts. Locals sitting by their porches chatting with their neighbours across the narrow street and young boys playing football are usual scenes as one drives along to the the most stunning of Goan churches – the 16th Century Salvador Do Mundo. With lush paddy fields on either side, waterbodies strewn across with blooming lilies and migratory birds unaware of human interference, Britona to Salvador Do Mundo looks like paradise on earth. Panjim and Porvorim are both fairly equidistant and anyone choosing the idyllic life should be well-prepared to least expect urban convenience. Get ready to hop on to your scooter for every errand you need to run.

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