5 Party Places Rock On Weekdays

We understand that your stay dates in Goa might not coincide with a weekend or you might want to go party on a weekday. Well, the good news is that every day is as rocking as a weekend in Goa. With innumerous places to let yourself loose and dance the night away, Goa doesn’t disappoint when it comes to providing a world-class party setting. After all, Goa is and always will be the party capital of the country. So you want to mambo on a Monday, tango on a Tuesday or waltz on a Wednesday; I have put together 5 weekday madness joints to get the best of the much-acclaimed Goan nightlife scene.

Hammerzz Luxury Nightclub
The latest addition to Goa’s nightlife party scene, Hammerzz provides a luxe party experience all night long. Almost frequently, DJ Ryan Nogar plays at the club, with performances by headliners such as DJ Suketu, DJ Aqueel and more. The nightclub boasts of one of the largest dance floors in the state, has an open air rooftop restuarant which serves delicious lip-smacking food, and offers the best of spirits to keep one in high spirits all night long.

Since I put up near Fort Aguada, I pass Sinq everyday on my way back from work. It is surprising to notice that every day of the week, there are cars parked outside of it and sometimes even a queue of people who can’t get in since there’s no space inside. You know what that means? It means that this place rocks beyond any possible level! Being one of the hottest nightclubs in Goa, Sinq is also equipped with a state-of-the art microbrewery, a first in the state. This party place also has a pool which dazzles the place further with private cabanas by it. They play a mix of commercial EDM, deep house, techno, psychedelic, chill out, Bollywood and even live rock and retro at times.

Love Passion Karma
You must have most definitely seen a Tata Nano with LPK written all over it bringing the party to the streets with music oozing out of its windows. Well, if you ever follow that Nano back to where it came from, you’ll get a party destination that’ll blow your mind. Love Passion Karma, also known as LPK waterfront, is a world class night club nestled by the Nerul River. Being a bit off the actual village, the loud music never really penetrates the slow village life but will keep your feet stomping all night long. LPK plays mostly bollywood and commercial EDM tracks with guest DJ’s coming down with newer music from time to time.

Cape Town
Located in the heart of Tito’s Lane, the most happening nightlife hub of Goa, Cape Town is best visited on weekdays. Being a quaint nightclub, it is undoubtedly happening on weekends but is quite crowded and who likes to stand without a table, collide into people and trample their feet? Well, on weekdays, it’s pretty much the same scene but with a table of your own, better and faster service, and of course, more space on the dance floor. Cape Town usually plays commercial EDM, dubstep, and hip hop.

Hill Top
I know what you’re thinking after reading the above five. How much commercial EDM can one digest? Well, if you’re the kind of person who parties every night, commercial EDM might not cut it since it’s everywhere. But hey, Goa is not only about that. Hill Top, an outdoor party venue located on the Vagator hill plays everything electronic but commercial EDM. The best part is that it even has parties in the day time making use of the outdoor psychedelic setting that the venue has mastered. With innumerous guest artists coming down to play myriad sub-genres of EDM like chill out, sunset lounge, deep house, progressive trance, dark psy, trip hop and more, Hill Top also features street food counters, fire jugglers, and other entertainment acts.

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