5 Temples Of Goa

Goans are known all over the world as hospitable people. This is because they are a very honest and god fearing people. Rulers with different religious backgrounds have reigned here at various points of time in history and left their footprints of faith which exist till today.

Mahadev Temple

During the eleventh century, this region was a part of the Kadamba kingdom. one example of the temple of the time is the Mahadev temple belonging to the later part of the early medieval period which was discovered at Curdi, eight kilometers from the town of sanguem. The proposal of a dam in the vicinity of the temple threatened to submerge the priceless temple. To save history, the archeological survey of India dismantled the temple stone by stone and transplanted it in shelpen where it proudly stands today.

Temple complex of Vaishnavite

another example is the temple complex of Vaishnavites in the village of Vichundrem which belonged to the same period. There are two temple plinths, one of shri narayandev and another of Mahishasurmardini whose statue found in the vicinity is said to be one of the best specimens of Kadamba sculpture. Though the temples are in ruins, carvings of wild animals like the deer, sambar and tiger are seen on the plinth which makes one admire the minute workmanship which is difficult on soft laterite. a beautifully carved stone sculpture of shri narayandev still presides and worshipped by locals. a stone icon of shri Garuda and a ceiling panel of the temple are seen close by.

Tambdi Surla Temple

The best preserved temple of the Kadamba era is the Tambdi surla Temple, located at the village Tambdi surla in the taluka of sanguem, 65 kilometers from Panaji, built between the twelfth and the thirteenth centuries. It is built up of black schist. Though only a part of the shikhara (spire) is standing, it is adorned with intricate stone motifs depicting Brahma, Vishnu, shiva and his consort Parvati which immediately draws and rivets ones attention. Monolithic columns support the temple from inside. In the antaralaya lies the Shiv lingam where an oil lamp constantly burns. a statue of nandi bull the vehicle of Lord shiva is in sitting position in the sabhamandapa, the ceiling of which is decorated with carved lotus motifs. This black beauty looks especially striking in the summer when the Gul Mohur trees surrounding it blossom in full bloom giving a red halo to the temple.

Temple of Shree Shantadurga

Temple of shree shantadurga, Kavlem is located on the verdant slopes of a hill, 33 kilometers from Panjim. It was constructed in 1738 by the grandson of shivaji the Maratha king. Its red sloping roofs and the white lamp tower complement each other. It is dedicated to shantadurga, the goddess of peace, who mediated between shiva and Vishnu thereby restoring peace among the gods. The temple has a well maintained water tank within the complex.

Shri Mahalasa Temple in Mardol

shri Mahalasa Temple in Mardol was established after the deity was brought here from her abode at Verna, at a place called old Maddol, somewhere in the mid sixteenth century. as is common is other Goan temples, a deepasthamba adorns the temple courtyard. Besides the deepasthamba, a Dnyandeep (brass lamp) thirty and a half feet tall strikes awe in the onlooker. When lit on festive occasion, it has five hundred and sixty-seven wicks, which illuminates the place with a heavenly glow.

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