A glimpse into a day at IFFI 2021

There’s nothing called ‘too early’ for a film festival. By 9 a.m. the lines had started forming for the first show of day 2 at INOX.  Everyone was in a rush to get somewhere. “It doesn’t matter which film,” said one youngster. “I just want to see a film.” “It’s a Festival,” said the next person in the line. “All the films will be great.”

Audiences had congregated from across regions – of course Mumbai, Kerala, Karnataka, and as far as Delhi and Dubai. Film enthusiasts from closer areas like Mapusa and Margao stood patiently in the queue. Comments on films seen earlier and those that they had planned to see were free for general discussion and inputs. Expectations were high and the mood was upbeat.  

Changes in schedule, dark rain clouds, clumsy seating, did nothing to spoil the mood – though there were envious glances at those who stood in line for the screening of the highlight films. The seating capacity had been increased to 100% which created more excitement and efforts to get the additional tickets were made available at the counter. 

By midday, the television camera was on location and the spot interviews had started. Small clusters instantly formed as the celebrity spoke into the mike. This attracted more attention and drew greater traction and soon there was a buzz of several beehives! 

Coffee and beer alternated through the day as the young, middle-aged and elderly lounged on the food court and discussed films and the challenges in the industry. At the end of the day, plans were being made to head to Joseph’s Bar – a walking distance from the venue… as well as plans for the next day!

Text and pic credits: Shangon Das Gupta.

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