A Hundred Reasons To Say I Do In Goa

Goa with its beautiful landscape and proximity to the sea offers the perfect backdrop for dream weddings.
The choicest of venues which can bring any theme alive, culinary spreads which will have guests raving about your wedding for years, and a chilled out vibe which is quintessential to the Goan life, are hallmarks of weddings in Goa, missing in most places elsewhere in the country. There are a lot many reasons which make Goa the preferred destination among couples to mark their most special day. Some of these are:


In Goa, one can literally opt for any wedding theme because of the diversity that the land has in terms of venues. For most people who fancy a Goan wedding, the idea of a beach backdrop while solemnizing their vows is one of the main reasons they opt for the state as a wedding venue. In Goa, one can have a wedding right on the beach, or in hotel lawns overlooking the sea. If not the beach, a pool side wedding is another option. One can incorporate pool parties or pool side photo shoots in their larger wedding program. Beach weddings, however, are not the only option. A garden themed wedding is an equally fascinating option to get married, especially during the winter months. Exotic flower décor, well laid out buffet spreads, Indian style seating, etc., can spice up a garden wedding. A vintage wedding theme can be brought to life at one of the many heritage homes in the state or at the various resort properties, most of which are designed to represent a Goan village or house. The option of five star resort weddings is ideal for all those looking to get married in a lavish way sans much hassle. Most of the luxury resorts are booked months in advance before the wedding season starts and are very well equipped to handle all sorts of weddings and wedding parties. Perhaps, the best part about weddings at these resorts is that right from welcoming wedding guests to the pheras, these hotels and their expert teams take care of all wedding needs. Most hotels come with gardens, access to the beach, conference halls, and therefore, can accommodate any themed wedding. Further, due to the range of venues in the state, there are options for every budget. Weddings in the Jungle or at a jungle / nature resort, at nightclubs like LPK, forts, and even at a boat or at one of the luxury casinos, are other venue / theme options for a match made in heaven.


Depending on the wedding theme, the hosts usually spruce up the wedding venue by opting for quirky décor. Over the years, due to Goa emerging as one of the top wedding destinations in the region, several event companies who can practically do everything required to make a wedding successful have gained a foothold. Close proximity to neighboring flower markets like Belgaum add to the ease of having weddings here. The décor will depend on the theme to a great extent and one can go minimal, overboard, or in between, without a worry.


Weddings are incomplete without food. Goa is blessed with the best of chefs & a variety of cuisines apart from Indian & regional ones are easily available because of the massive influx of visitors from all parts of the world to the state. Keeping these factors in mind, one need not worry about sourcing a variety of local & exotic cuisines to suit the various moods, functions & guests, during the wedding. Talking about food, its’ hard not to talk about liquor, hard & soft. Compared to rest of India, liquor prices are much lower in the state, and in any wedding, especially a North Indian one, no function is complete, until a round of booze is not served. Cutting a wedding cake is part of most weddings. Not only is Goa blessed with hundreds of bakeries, the wedding cakes churned out these days, are multi tier designer cakes which take the uniqueness of one’s special day a notch higher.


There is so much more to weddings than just the décor, venue or even food. What will the bride be wearing and who will help her dress up? And well, the bridesmaids & family members also love getting dressed; how will those pretty pictures be clicked after all? We have a lot many Salon & Spa options in the state to help relieve the bride & others of their wedding planning stress and to ensure that people who matter look their best ever on this special day. The logistic services in the state are fairly good and come to the rescue of hosts who need to ferry visitors from one location to another. Goa is easily accessible from most metros & is connected to several smaller cities, and therefore, getting the preferred number of guests is never a problem. And lastly, since the state has so much to offer its visitors, for those who want to sneak out of the wedding for a quick break from festivities, can sure visit the beaches, casinos, nightclubs, and the list goes on. Finally, assuming that most people are too tired to do anything after the wedding & all the functions are over, be it the bride & groom or their families, Goa gives the option of honeymooning right here in the state and for those who can’t let go of their families, there is always the option of family mooning. During the wedding season, several newlyweds visit the state to enjoy quite time with their spouses and explore the beauty of the state. For those getting married in Goa, things need not be very different. To conclude, it will be right to say that since hundreds of weddings take place in Goa, every year, Goa as a destination has grown, w. r. t. the wedding related services on offer here. If you are planning your dream wedding already or feel like revisiting your wedding vows, now is the best time to pick up that phone & make some bookings.

For us at Planet-Goa, our team is driven by that feeling of exhilaration that one gets when discovering that something ‘unique’ and ‘new’ about Goa for our ever-so-discerning readers.

Author: Planet Goa Team
For us at Planet-Goa, our team is driven by that feeling of exhilaration that one gets when discovering that something ‘unique’ and ‘new’ about Goa for our ever-so-discerning readers.

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