A race…. to watch BIRDS?!

Bird lovers took their enthusiasm to a new level in the ‘Goa bird race’. At this unique event, 52 bird-watchers came together to count as many bird species as they could within 12 hours.

They spotted 256 types of birds. This is 53% of all bird species recorded in Goa till April. The participants submitted 75 lists of birds they saw at various locations along with important information and snapshots of the avian creatures.

The most common birds that can be seen in Goa are brahminy kites, white-throated kingfishers, and house crows. The participants also caught sight of very rare birds such as Eurasian oystercatchers, ferruginous ducks, and common shelducks.

All this proved that Goa is a great place for bird tourism.

(Image used for representational purpose only)

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Goa is a special place for Content Writer, Sheryl Gonsalves, with its picturesque beaches, gorgeous sunsets, rich heritage, and delicious food.

Author: Sheryl
Goa is a special place for Content Writer, Sheryl Gonsalves, with its picturesque beaches, gorgeous sunsets, rich heritage, and delicious food.

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