5 Goa Goes Wild!

The wildlife in Goa is not mainly restricted to its beaches and nightclubs but rather extends into the hinterlands. If you are an avid wildlife enthusiast, Goa is an absolute playground with wildlife sanctuaries all around. All you need is a good set of wheels, a great guide, and binoculars to enjoy the many unique

5 Wondrous Weekend Gateways

Some may say that Goa, being the smallest state in the country, is not an apt destination for long vacations especially for explorers since the entire state, with a well-thought-of route map, can be covered and explored in less than 15 days. However, this should not limit the travellers who come down with a month

5 Initiatives By Goa Tourism

As the Portuguese marched into the Goan hinterlands, Catholicism emerged as a religion and the churches that were erected then prevail as mighty religious structures. Goa is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in India welcoming over 12% of the total foreign nationals visiting the country every year. It wouldn’t have been the same

5 Hidden Gems

Goa attracts a whole bunch of people looking for a getaway from their hectic lives. While the majority of holidayers end up in the tried and tested tourist hotspots, there are those who’ve discovered a little more than just Baga and Calangute. Read on to find out about those 5 hidden gems that are still

5 Thriller Pumping Activities You Just Can’t Miss

Goa may be the ultimate place to just sit back and put your feet up and watch the world go by but there is more to this sunny state than all lazy afternoons. If you’re in the mood to shun the balcão, ditch the patrão and dive into some adventure, then here are our 5