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It also is the most effective medium to reach a holiday seeking audience, especially those looking for that holiday to Goa.
Only media product from Goa with a national and international reach.
Most effective medium for brand / product image enhancement and perception building, because of its unique reach, product quality and content style.
Highly respected for its credible editorial levels and fulfilling the brand positioning with readers of ‘your trusted friend in Goa’.

Planet-Goa provides advertisers with effective and easy to implement solutions when trying to reach sharply defined audiences in a high impact manner.

Planet- Goa advantage
With Planet-Goa you have the advantage of a unique vantage point that gives you access to those that live here, those who are visiting, and those who are planning to visit here in the future…..and everybody is !!

Our products
1. The Planet-Goa magazine – Goa’s best and largest read magazine – ideal for brands with communications objectives which wish to reach different audiences, both – those living in Goa as well as those visiting the state on Holiday or business. Has unique and by far the the most extensive distribution systems, which includes all holidayer touch points in Goa. The eversion of the magazine reaches out to all buyers, nationally and internationally, to reach audiences who have now changed their reading habits from print to vehicles like computers, mobiles, iPhones and ipads.

2. Planet-Goa Food Guide -The Planet Goa Annua Food guide is good for communicating Product and Service categories like Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs., Spas, Shopping , Arcades, Casinos, etc as it communicates exclusively to the foodies with reference to places such as these.

3. The Planet- Goa Website –, our online version of the magazine, which also ties all the print products together into one single digital format, is now one of the most frequented sites on Goa. Aesthetically designed, it is a site full of information and opportunities on things to do, places to visit, best deals for stay, dining and partying options, services, utilities, etc. Also now has an e commerce vertical in play with its own payment gateway and retails products from Goa extensively to the netizens visiting the site. The site is also responsive-enabled for iPads, iPhones, Tablets and androids, and this does make it one of Goa’s most sought after websites.

4. The Planet-Goa Digital App – Under the name of Planet Goa Online, the apps available on the Google Play store and Apple store and allows readers to download this app for their convenience for exploring Goa in the quickest way possible.

5. Planet Goa Weekend – An electronic zine – Its a weekend update on all the trending places to party, to dine out and to pamper yourself at a spa amongst other things to do over a Goa weekend. Reaches over 20000 people on the mail as well as250000 over the social media, the PGW is now already on every media planners plan.

6.Social Media – The highly successful huddle of Planet Goa social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, has now built itself up into a formidable support force for brands in focused areas like Holidays, Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife, Real Estate, Spas, etc through appropriate sub-groups. With over 2,00,000 followers, it is easily now Goa’s most followed social media platform, with a weekly reach of hundreds of thousands.

It’s a win-win situation!
The Planet-Goa products have accordingly, been carefully and meticulously designed and created to provide this captive reader with suitable solutions and options that satisfy their quest for information on the place in a manner which is interesting to consume, digest and utilize. On the other hand, our products aim to provide Goa’s business establishments with suitable and appropriate platforms to reach all segments of their target audiences, so as to further their business objectives. All in all, the business approach that Planet-Goa follows is to provide holistic 360 degree solutions to all, i.e. readers, advertisers, stakeholders, etc where the communication vehicles are customised to work in tandem with each other with an eye on the overall objective.