Goa is riding high on the adrenaline rush. It’s not just sunbathing or partying in Baga that’s on the itinerary, but adventure activities like bungee jumping and water sports that allure tourists to chase their fear. Adventure junkies can take a giant bungee leap over Mayem Lake. Let your fear fly high as your parasail above the picturesque coast, or pump the adrenaline on a fastmoving jet ski as you enjoy the water sports on the beach. Crags along the coast allow for adventurous coasteering trips, scrambling over boulders, and swimming. Kayaking in the backwaters in South Goa brings you up close to riverine beauty. Trekking into Goa’s dense forests in the Mhadei region in the monsoons leads to cascading waterfalls and unparalleled vistas. It’s advisable to accompany a seasoned guided trek into these areas for safety. You don’t have to travel far to catch a magical sunrise from a hot air balloon. Hold your breath for an awe-inspiring ride above Chandor village at dawn as you reach out to touch the tree tops. Unleash your adventurous side on your next trip.

Whitewater rafting on the Mhadei River in Goa is an exhilarating experience


Author: Planet Goa Team
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