Anjuna Beach

If you’re looking for pure scenic beauty, then Anjuna doesn’t come close to it. The beach is rocky with huge blocks of rocks both at the shore and in the sea, the sand isn’t as soft as some of the South Goa beaches and the sunsets are as good as any, but…yes, there is a but! What sets it apart from the rest is its hippie vibe. Ever since Eight Finger Eddie (an American Hippie) landed on the shores of Anjuna in the 60’s and made it his home, this beach has been the most interesting beach in Goa. The hippies are all but gone but what they left behind is the unique Anjuna culture. The ‘live-and-let-live-vibe’ is freakishly evident here. The beach isn’t resounding with the cacophony of hawkers; neither is it buzzing with water sports operators (apart from the occasional ones offering boat rides to Baga). There aren’t more beach beds here than actual people and you wouldn’t find yourself being hounded by eager shack boys hustling you into their shacks. On the contrary, here, you’re on your own – a welcome isolation to just simply enjoy your holiday at your own pace and in your own space.

Things to do: Anjuna Flea market happens on Wednesdays and runs from morning till dusk, after which you can catch some live music at Café Looda and German Bakery. Anjuna is known for its parties: check out the famous Curlies and Shiva Valley and lots of underground psy parties that happen around Anjuna.

Image Credits: Raishul Alam

Author: Planet Goa Team
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