Anjuna Flea Market

The Anjuna Flea market is officially opened for the season, and the supernova of choices is perfect for the shopaholic in you

The Anjuna Flea market has been around for ages. From second hand ware to Thai knick knacks, it’s come a long way from the time where travelers would sell their extra baggage to make a few bucks before leaving Goa.

Today amidst the flowing printed silks, the glittery jewels and crystals and the fluorescent Shiva paintings, sit European and Indian designers. Each one with their own unique style of fashion or accessories on offer.

Though the flea market essentially remains a one stop destination for budget shopping and street fashion, there is a growing number of talented designers showing off their high end collections. And, though some of the pricing may give a bargain hunter a heart attack, each piece is worth the price.

From handmade leather gladiators with crocodile or python skin, to intricate lace tutus, to colourful fractal printed hoodies, there is such a creative overflow of new ideas and fresh design that you better bring a full wallet with you when you decide to go. Religiously on every Wednesday morning truckloads of goods pour into the sea-side location and it is mesmerizing to watch the hoards of shop keepers diligently set up their stalls. By mid morning the tiny by lanes of the market are filled with the lingering scent of agarbattis and the overdressed gypsy cows.

To make sure you get your whole share of the market experience, always follow a strategy. Never hit the market at noon time when the heat of the sun is unbearable. Ten in the morning is a good time as shop keepers are eager to make their first sale, everyone’s smiling and the crowd hasn’t arrived yet. Else post three in the afternoon is also a good time. The market band would have started their show by now and there’s live music, cheap beers and a lot of good food available. The ultimate market plan is to hit the coffee shop first, sip on a nice chilled cold coffee, and then proceed to the shops. You can always grab a bite to eat on the way and that way divide the market into two sections – before meal and post meal!

Some of the shops aren’t open yet but we did find some really cute stores that are worth a look, look for Pixie Couture and Akasha Spirit for beautiful designer women’s wear in front of the Sea Breeze restaurant. Look for Goa Toros also nearby with stunning leather belts and boots and dresses. And, definitely check out Coco Roots for the amazing hand carved jewellery. There’s the Japanese crew with the amazing ninja shoes that are seen all over Goa and then there’s the guy with the uber-cool vintage sunglasses. And, when your pockets feel a little lighter, check out the Rs 200 t-shirt wala who has some fabulous export surplus t-shirts and shorts for sale. Oh, and of course, don’t forget the Rs 150 sunglasses wala who has all the latest in eye fashion trends at a real steal away price!

The flea market is open every Wednesday from morning till about sunset. Carry a hat, some water and dress light. Take your time to visit each lane because you never know the gems you may find hidden in these little corners that may seem so familiar. And, go with friends. It’s a great way to show people the true essence of Goa market life.

Text: Andrea Newton

Pics: Siddhanth Sheorey, Anup Patil    

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