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Date: 21st February 2023 | Text & Images by Anuja Manikarve

Over the last decade, the culinary landscape of cities and towns all over the world has been transformed by a new kind of street food purveyor, the gourmet food trucks.

Found on the streets from London to La Paz, in India, from New Delhi to Kochi and Ahmedabad to Kolkata, and everywhere in between, these plates are served at street prices, with no prerequisites of booking or dress code, they cater to connoisseurs who are more interested in taste than the formal trappings of restaurant life. Fun, local and affordable, they are also an easy way for the gourmands to sample delicacies from the other side of the world, and for visitors to get involved in the region’s food scene.

The food trucks in Goa offer appetizing comfort food of varied cuisines, local and global, and of exquisite quality. The food trucks adhere to the textbook nutritional diktats of eating fresh, local and seasonal. While the food truck scene is still heating up in the rest of the country, Goa has extensively embraced it and even given it a strong provincial twist. Here is a checklist of some of the best food trucks in Goa.

Noronha’s Corner at Assagao – Anjuna Crossing

A food truck decorated with animated cartoon characters may not seem a likely spot to grab traditional Goan fare, but the three brothers who manage Noronha’s Corner know the art of food. The menu is separated into four sections: beef, chicken, pork, and fish. This is not the place for vegetarians. If you can’t decide, the brothers are quick to suggest their favourites, including beef croquettes, Goan sausages, chicken cafreal, fish cutlets, and sorpatel. Everything is dynamite, and the prices are very reasonable. People from all walks of life, from teenagers to families, can be found on the line that forms as soon as the awning opens every evening around 7.30 p.m. However, given their popularity remember that if you reach very late, they often run out of various eats.

Serial Grillers at Anjuna

Parked off a vacant field in a cosy corner in Anjuna, opposite the La Bella restaurant, Serial Grillers announces its presence before it is seen. The delightful aromas of the grills wafting out of the peppy orange truck and the sound of the sizzling meat is hard to resist. They serve delectable American staples like burgers, beef patties, grilled vegetables, chilly hot dogs, and even a Philly Cheesesteak, straight off the grill!

They do an epic Agent 47 burger with the choice of a chicken or a beef patty, chicken wings, wraps – both veg and non veg and the crowd favourite, monster burger that comes loaded with cheese, 3 meat patties and an egg. The za’atar roasted veggie wrap comes as a pleasant surprise from them, who have sworn forever love to burgers.

Luiton, the affable owner, runs Serial Grillers from about 7pm to 10pm. The beef patties and veggies grill and simmer under his watchful eye and he makes sure you are full by the time you leave.

Jerry’s Food Truck at Bambolim

Painted pretty in black and crimson flames, representing their piquant burgers and shawarmas, Jerry’s Food Truck has found fame for its odoriferous shawarmas, gigantic burgers, savoury chicken wings, fries and crispy wraps.

Their star performers are their burgers, massive and juicy, with either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian patty stacked with caramelised onion, fresh lettuce, peppery dips, and melting cheese to top it up.

Proprietor Clarence Hendricks runs the place from 6-11 pm, six days a week, near GMC Hospital at Bambolim, dishing up these divine delicacies.

Heera’s Maruti at Anjuna

Stationed near Starco Junction at Anjuna, a simple, unassuming food truck serves the biggest, tastiest baguettes and wraps late into the night. That is Heera’s Maruti, a favourite among the party junkies on the bustling Anjuna scene, which is open till about 7am during peak season or until 4am in the monsoons.

Maruti , the chef and owner cooks with olive oil and the freshest of ingredients, whipping up delectable but inexpensive wraps and baguettes. The wholegrain bread as well as his trademark sauces are all homemade. The regulars swear by his scrumptious monster chicken baguette and the exquisite homemade sauces.

Ravi’s Ras Gaddo at Panjim

Ros Omelette personifies the quintessential Goan street food. This humble, unpretentious but flavourful staple traces its origins to the need for using up the Xacuti curry cooked for the preceding night’s dinner. The thrifty Goan households had a hearty breakfast of fluffy omelette with freshly baked pao, topped with the curry, adding it a distinct character and making it into a nourishing, morning meal.  

Ravi’s Ras Gaddo near the Panjim Church Square is another food truck serving this distinctive home fare, which subsequently, gained acclaim as a street food. The traditional Goan omelette poi here is garnished with rasso, usually from the Chicken Cafreal or Xacuti gravy. Ravi is renowned for his fluffy omelettes encased in a soft poi, topped with some raw onions and a large dollop of the ros. He is usually open till about 1.30am.

Alankar Theatre Food Street at Mapusa

The curtains fell on the iconic Alankar Theatre a few years ago, but the street comes alive with lively and abounding food stalls and trucks as the evening sets in. The street in the heart of Mapusa is the go-to place for late night binges post a pub night or a party.

The whole street comes alive only in the evenings, with different food stalls setting shop. You will mostly find Chinese food stalls here, but there are also Goan and Tandoori food stalls if that’s your jam. And they have vendors serving juices and milkshakes too. In fact, the street is buzzing and crowded till about 2am every night.

Goan Food Truck at Cansaulim

A 21st century off the grid food truck, this one’s unavailable on most of our go to apps like Zomato and Swiggy, so it boils down to the effort you take to look for it. A treasured secret, The Goan Food Truck serves a wide range of delicious delicacies. From pork cutlet bread, pork chops, sausage bread and chicken xacuti to sorpotel and beef steak, the food here is bound to leave you craving for more and is good enough to easily become a regular dinner spot. If you’re visiting on a weekend, make sure to ask for their beef or pork cutlet bread or choriz pao, as it’s a weekend special and totally worth it.

This one is for the South Goans. This conventional Goan fare food truck, owned by Sandrick D’Costa, stands at the Cansaulim Circle, near HDFC Bank ATM. A recent entrant on the dynamic Goan food truck scene, the Goan Food Truck is gaining massive acclaim for its tantalizing fare.

Pinto’s Food Truck at Ponda Main Road

In the sequestered suburb of Ponda, Pinto’s food truck celebrates the cuisine with its nearly perfectly cooked Goan delicacies, although that’s not their only speciality. Locals swear by the Chicken Shawarma here and there’s only one way to find out why.

If you’re craving some really spicy and abundantly flavoured Chinese street food, then Pinto’s is your place. Their Chicken Crispy, Hakka Noodles and Schezwan Fried Rice are worth a mention. Their flourishing business has resulted into five branches across the state, including Benaulim and Colva.

Food Engine at Vagator

If you are heading towards Vagator beach, you will spot this ornate, splashy food truck with themed graffiti and perpetually ringed by eager and hungry connoisseurs snacking on appetizing burgers, fries and chicken cafreal, amongst other delicacies. Food Engine is a haven for burger lovers, and why not? Chef and owner Joel Moniz serves fresh and hot burgers with a difference. He uses the local Goan bread or Poi to make his burgers. You would be spoilt for choice – BBQ Chicken, Schezewan Chicken, Grilled Chicken Steak, Pot Roasted Beef, Beef Chilly, Glazed Beef, and the list goes on.

The patty is juicy and made absolutely fresh to order. A generous cheese topping completes the package. The poi and the sauces are homemade and hygienically made.

Apart from the burgers, they also serve delicious Grilled Chicken Steak, Chicken Wings, and Beef Chilli. Fries also come in an assortment with garlic mayo, peri peri mayo, chicken and cheese, beef and cheese fries. Head early before they run out of stock. Food Engine can be found on the Anjuna Vagator Road, near AJ Supermarket, from 5.30pm to 9pm on all days, except Thursdays.

Food trucks in Goa are changing the perspective of how people see street food by offering varied, good quality, hygienic fare at reasonable prices. They are perfect for late nighters looking for a post party grub at late hours for a steal, without the trappings of a fancy restaurant.

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