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There isn’t a soul that has tasted the Yakhni Pulao in all its glory, has ever then settled for the humble biryani. In
our search for the perfect home-cooked Yakhni Pulao, we came across the secret kitchen of Arti Mukerjea where
she’s been whipping up this delicacy for foodies along with other mouth-watering goodies. Her home cooked
Yakhni Pulao is known to turn foodies into poets and at most of her dinner parties you’ll find guests lifting the
lids and sniffing around for her famous Yakhni. Served with the traditional raita and lachha, this is the perfect
meal to serve on special occasions bringing together loved ones.

The Food

The Yakhni Pulao, an elite cousin of the regular biryani, is unfamiliar to many mainly because it is rarely seen on restaurant menus. It is a dish made with fragrant basmati slow cooked in mildly spiced mutton stock, and has been a kitchen secret for many generations. Arti’s Yakhni Pulao is a complete meal, a feast that is best enjoyed with minimum distraction.

Accompanying the delicious pulao, are the melt-in-your-mouth Shammi Kebabs, done to perfection, making for an indulgent affair. Arti’s menu now also includes Bengali specialties like Chingri Malai curry, Kosha Mangsho and Mustard Fish. For the vegetarians, even Paneer Pulao is available on order.

The People

The recipe for this glorious pulao has always been a closely guarded family secret, revealed only to a select few by their grandmothers. And Arti is amongst the few, who carry this legacy forward. From making sure the best quality mutton is used, to standing and doling out each order, she believes in doing it all herself to achieve the perfect result each time. Luckily for us Arti’s Yakhni Pulao and other goodies are available on order. All you need to do is let her know 24 hrs in advance so she can put together the freshest mutton chunks into the glorious pulao and have it ready just for you to pick up and enjoy.

From The Restaurant

Additional Details

Restaurant Details

  • Arti’s dishes are available on order throughout the year
  • Self pick up from Dona Paula
  • Minimum 24 hour notice required

Sea Wind Apartments, Lane 11, Machado’s Cove, Dona Paula, Goa

Recommended For
  • Special occasion indulgence
  • Variations on the limited menu on request
  • An authentic taste of Kayastha and Bengali Cuisine

Tel:+91 9766229955

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