Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt. Ltd, Goa

Situated amidst lush green and in a quiet country side surrounding of Goa, A.N.H.C’s Ayurvedic Centre provides total health recovery. This ayurvedic centre is a well equipped rejuvenation centre as well as therapeutic centre providing consultation and treatment from qualified doctors and well experienced therapists who are constantly making an effort in providing relief for individuals from the world over.

Individuals have to be treated both externally by ayurvedic therapy and internally by medicinal consumption for best results and a near complete recovery from their present ailing condition.

This centre houses one of Goa’s largest herbal garden displaying over 200 varieties of medicinal plants and herbs used in the traditional process of ayurvedic medicine manufacturing. These great wonders of the universe have made a little home at the ayurvedic centre in Goa.


Author: Planet Goa Team
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