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Batter n’ Crumbs are here with a variety of sweet items that brings more joy to your festival. As they say festival without sweets are incomplete.

Here are some sweets that will add some joy to your celebration
Cakes, chocolate balls, chocolate cake balls, easter eggs, chocolate fudge, homemade assorted chocolate box and donuts.

Pastries available as well but minimum order of 4 pastries

Cakes available are :-
● Chocolate truffle cake
● Kitkat cake
● Coffee chocolate cake
● Red velvet cake
● Dark Chocolate Cake

Donuts with toppings are also available
● Chocolate glazed Donuts
● White glazed Donuts
● Chocolate stuffed Donuts
● white chocolate stuffed Donuts

We have a variety of milkshakes available as well.
● Oreo Milkshake
● Kitkat Milkshake
● Chocolate Milkshake
●Coffee Milkshake
Milkshakes will be available as per subject to availability (as per season)

Contact Details:

Richal Fernandes: 7406837433


Delivery Available:


Delivery will be done by Batter N Crumbs. Orders to be placed in advance

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