Best Cashew Manufacturer in Goa

World over, Goa is known for its good quality cashews and blooming cashew nut industry. What do you think Goa should do to highlight cashews as a fruit coming from Goa into the world markets which further promotes Goa as an exciting destination to travel to?

DESMOND NAZARETH: A well-rounded experience of the cashew industry in Goa would improve the tourism potential of Goa e.g. if a few cashew drink (fresh neero, urrack, feni) producing units could be show-cased and packaged for tourists, along with cashew fruit & nut farming and processing units, I think that there could be ‘Goa cashew season’ tourism that could be promoted effectively.

SATISH PRABHU: Goa Tourism should have Cashew Feni and Cashew products prominently displayed in physical form, present colourful brochures with a good audio visual aided virtual tours of plantations showing traditional Feni making etc. during all Domestic and Global Travel Exhibitions and Shows. This is how French Wines and German Beer is promoted World over.

ROHIT ZANTYE: Cashew is a Gift to Goans introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th Century. The unique harvesting practices followed by the farmer for making “Feni”, the ideal soil condition and favourable climate is the secret behind the unique sweet taste of the Goan Cashews, which are loved and appreciated world over. I strongly feel that the Government should promote the organically grown wonder nut by creating a Cashew museum and also introducing tours to Cashew Farms and processing factory, which will be an experience for the tourist travelling to Goa. This will be an added attraction for the tourist and help boost tourism in the state. This is my vision and I hope that it will be accomplished in the near future.

ETHEL DCOSTA: I strongly believe we should have done to the cashew and its feni what Mexico did long back for its Tequila. We have a ‘phoren’ hangover. It’s a fixation. Whatever is ‘phirang’ is good. The local Goa governments have done nothing to promote the cashew either. They are waking up now with silly festivals. When the cashew groves have died? We are buying cashew nuts from outside the State, because mining has destroyed cashew groves. Yes, a few resorts in Goa have taken it upon themselves with Cashew trails. It is an effort in education, and sure I appreciate it. But we are always chasing the horses after they have bolted the stables! Let us reclaim the cashew and re-plant our groves.

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Image Credits: Steve Faleiro

Author: Planet Goa Team
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