Best Kept Secrets – Campo Manor Luxury Villa

What is more luxurious than hanging out with your tribe in your own space at your own pace! Discretely tucked into the heart of Anjuna, the stunning Campo Manor is among the top luxury villas in Goa for guests seeking comfort and privacy.

Text: Samira Sheth

Luxury hotels are great but we’ve all dealt with noisy kids running around the property while you’re in your Jacuzzi or nosy guests in the next room eager to strike up a conversation. Whether it’s meeting the buffet deadline or dreading a pool full of boisterous strangers – there are a host of pet peeves when it comes to sharing accommodation with strangers, even in luxurious hotels.

Now imagine only your close family or friends and you sharing your own space at your own pace and an amazing space at that. What could be really more luxurious than that!

Trending for a while now, private villas have become the top choice for people seeking a truly restful and luxurious holiday on their own terms.

With Goa being such a popular destination for honeymooners, families and groups of friends, private villas have become really popular lately. Among the clutch of really exclusive high end properties in Goa though, the gorgeous Campo Manor stands out for its attention to the smallest detail in creating an indulgent experience for its guests. 

You would never guess that Anjuna’s vibrant nightlife, boutiques and beachclubs are a few minutes away when you turn into the driveway leading to Campo Manor. Designed and built by Ashray, luxury real estate developers, the imposing white house overlooks a panoramic expanse of lush fields (campo means field in Portuguese). The lively energy of Anjuna can be quite overwhelming but inside Campo Manor the only thing engulfing you is the feeling of opulent serenity and peace at this quietly tucked away property.

Large yet cozy living rooms and an outdoor patio offer sweeping views of lush foliage and swaying coconut palms through the floor to ceiling glass windows. It is not unusual to wake up to the sight of peacocks dancing in these expansive fields. A stunning infinity pool and temperature controlled at that, beckons invitingly. One can imagine guests arguing over who gets one of the two rooms on the ground floor, the one from which you can directly step into the pool!

All five bedrooms in the villa (two on the ground floor and three on the first) are equally alluring though, each one finished in pleasing colours and elegantly fitted out and with its own spacious en suite. While the layout is a little bit confusing, one soon gets the hang of the space. Keeping the beautiful views in mind and spurred by an indoor-outdoor living philosophy, the architects and designers ensure that each room in the villa overlooks the spread of green fields. Some of the bathrooms have huge bathtubs while one of the rooms on the top floor comes with its own walk in closet and private Jacuzzi! Guests will really not want to leave this stylish space!   

A terrace bar offers another welcoming space for socializing and day or night entertaining apart from a bar on the ground floor with its own wine chiller. There is plenty of space to lounge with friends and have a private party. You really can’t fault the hospitality on offer as the fully staffed villa, including a chef, housekeeping and a very amiable and efficient manager make sure you have every comfort. Replete with aesthetic furnishings and a little Goan flair, this clean and modern space is really easy to make your own for the length of your holiday. The pleasing terrazzo flooring in the living rooms was created on site; other rooms boast equally distinctive tiling in different colours. Subtle artworks and interesting artefacts and books are peppered through the property. This is no cold impersonal hotel. The villa management has gone to great lengths to really take care of guests and make them feel like they are in a home away from home while on holiday. It’s the details that make for a very pampering experience where one doesn’t feel the need to step out of the gracious property.

Need to work on holiday? There is a fully equipped office on the ground floor. Need to relax and unwind and don’t want to step out for a massage? There is a spa with massage beds for two, (masseurs on request) and steam rooms to boot! The coffee is freshly ground, food of your choice can be ordered from the in house chef or from the innumerable fine dining restaurants in the area, barbecues can be set up for private evenings, drivers can be arranged, intimate celebrations or larger parties can be catered for- everything is thought of to ensure you have a superbly relaxing stay at Villa Campo.  

“Once you’ve stayed in a villa, you’ll never want to stay in a hotel again,” says Girish Ragha of Ashray, the company that built this villa, their flagship property. He may just be right… there are few things that make for a more enjoyable holiday than Campo Manor!

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