Black spots causing road accidents in Goa will be…

To reduce the chances of road accidents in Goa, 65 accident-prone areas and black spots will be rectified starting from the first week of April. This will happen after each spot has been audited in detail.

Also, over the next 6 months, training sessions by DHS and EMRI along with consumer fora and SHG’s for volunteers will be conducted. This will ensure that road accident victims will receive proper help during crucial hours.

North Goa deputy collectors will be submitting a list for each taluka. With the help of Mission Rabies and AHVS, municipal councils and village panchayats that are located near highways will try to deal with cattle and dogs that roam on roads which isn’t safe for them and commuters.

Efforts are being taken up to stop overcharging people for helmets, quickening the process of road safety/ traffic management proposal submissions, etc.

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