Bogmalo Beach

Not many travellers coming to Goa know that merely five minutes away from the Dabolim airport lies one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches – Bogmalo.

Bogmalo Beach is cushioned between two cliffs and while on one side lies the naval base, the other side plays host to a four star hotel. And in between lies everything that Goa promises to be – the sun, the sand and the shacks! But before we go into what you’ll get at Bogmalo, let’s talk about what you won’t get. A short visit to Baga and Calangute will make you appreciate Bogmalo Beach better. There is no fight for beach beds, no persistent hawkers, no touts and certainly no frenzy here. The atmosphere is relaxed, warm and open. Save for maybe a handful of beach beds and an odd couple walking along the beach or kids building sand castles, there isn’t the crazy madness here that the more popular beaches attract. Given its topography, what with verdant hills hugging it from both sides, Bogmalo Beach is also one of the safest beaches for water babies. So if you’re in the mood to chuck the boarding pass and jump into the sea as soon as you land, this would be the best bet.

Things to do: If you want to set your adrenalin rushing, you will definitely want to try your hand at diving over here. Though the coastline is not that long, there is plenty of space for diving, swimming and just lazing around. Also try the cruises, boat tours and many water sports on offer.

Location: Bogmalo is 4 kilometers from the Dabolim Airport and can be reached easily by hiring a taxi, auto or a bus from the airport or any nearby place.

Image Credits: nature_ris

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