Browntape A Startup Who’s Team Has A Perfect 50-50 Male To Female Ratio

Talk with Gurpreet Singh (CEO – Browntape Technologies, Goa)

You hail from?

Browntape has 2 founders, Gurpreet & Piyush. Gurpreet is from Delhi, but has lived in Goa for 16 years now. Piyush is from Jaipur and is at the 10 year mark.

What made you start this Startup in Goa?

We were both living and working in Goa for many years before we started Browntape. The credit for getting us to Goa goes to Synapse. We both worked there and learnt that a national business could be built from Goa.

If you weren’t building your startup in Goa, where would you be located and doing what?

Personally, I cannot imagine living in the large cities of India. They are very dense. I almost see it as my responsibility to build viable businesses outside these cities to help participate it de-clogging them.

But, now that you ask. I dream of living in the mountains sometime for an extended period.

What’s your startup about?

Browntape helps ecommerce sellers to sell on multiple sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. from one single console.

A traveller today, logs into MakeMyTrip or Cleartrip when she needs to book a flight. She does not go to Go air, Indigo and Spicejet sites individually. We are like the MakeMyTrip for an ecommerce seller. They don’t need to go to Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra separately to manage orders and inventory. They just do it from Browntape.

Our customers range from small garage operations to big brands like Croma, Lego and Future Group.

Is your Startup about a Product or a Service?

It is primarily a software product. But, we also have a service division that helps clients grow their ecommerce business.

What’s unique about your product/services?

When we started, we were one of the first 2 companies in India solving this problem. Now, there are more.

Our differentiation now is in small things.

Example: We offer something called as “zero-click order processing”. Sometimes sellers get 100s of orders on deal days. It is super time consuming to process them all in the morning. We’ve built some automation where the software processes their orders automatically at 8am in the morning before the ops team comes to office.

Does your startup also serve International clients from and in Goa itself?

95% of our customers are from all over India.

But some international brands use us when they need to enter the India market. Example: Lego.

Do you and your team head to any beach/waterfall for getting refreshed? Which one normally?

Tambdi Surla is one of our favourites. That said, our team has done many excursions in places like Sal river, Dandeli.

Do you have Happy Hours during the week? When? How does that help?

We have this little ice-cream and Samosa parties. When the team accomplishes a milestone or we make a good release, we like to celebrate.

What do you love about your team?

Our team is full of young, under-30, Goans. There is the lore about Goans being lazy, bla bla. I think we have proven that wrong. Many of our team members are as dynamic, as active and as ambitious as anyone in the cities. In fact, many of our alumni have gone out and worked at large well-known companies in ecommerce.

Another interesting fact. Our team has a perfect 50-50 male to female ratio.

Do you miss your other office locations while you are in Goa?

Not relevant for us. We only have an office in Goa.

How did you manage uncertainty, if any, in the early stages of business in Goa?

Well, resilience. There have been at least 2 instances in our life where we felt that the company will not survive. The only thing that kept us from drowning at that point was just not giving up.

Any challenges that you are facing or faced while building your startup in Goa?

It is not easy to build a senior team in Goa. You get raw young talent that can be moulded well.

For senior positions, talent has moved out of Goa. It is tough to get the people to move back. Typically, seniors folks are in their late 30s. They have children in schools, spouse working somewhere. That makes it tough.

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