Jorge Da Silva Pereira’s Life in Goa

By Jorge Da Silva Pereira, Owner: NJOs Waffle Bar/ Hot Dog Bar

My best memory growing up:

Going on bike rides with my friends.

Life in Goa in one word:


After a busy day at work you’ll find me at:

my house sitting with my wife n front of the TV with a cold glass of beer or seasonal URRACK.

Events that I would never miss in Goa:

Samba Square during Carnaval.

On weekends my favourite place is

any restaurant by the water with my wife and kids.

My go-to food place in Goa is… 

Florentines for some delicious Chicken Cafreal/rava fried prawns.

That one thing I miss about Goa from my childhood:

Empty roads during Carnaval without vehicles where we would run around with our Fontainhas group and having gang wars throwing Cocots(Powder bombs) v/s Sant Thome/Altinho without any fear (Three days of fun)!

I would want to get lost in

the authentic culture of Goa, with Ghumot and Fados/Dulpods with the local delicacies of our culture.

A local snack I crave for…

Patov bhaji/Mirchi/Choris pao

What I wish I could change about Goa:

Bring in Professional Educational Institutes and High End Hospitals to Goa!

If not Goa, I would live in…

Portugal!… With the most hospitable/warm/loving culture in the world!

When I’m with my oldest buddies I go to

any place where we can all sit with a drink in hand and reminisce about our lives shared together for so many years.

When guests come over, I drive them to

Morjim, Vagator and the beaches down south OR entertain them at home with my wife, Edith, dishing out the most authentic GOAN food!

My peace of mind place in Goa is

my home.

What Goa has given me is

a beautiful cultural background and a strong love for it, a beautiful family and the joy of living in a little paradise in our beautiful challenging country INDIA.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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