By Rishabh Malhotra

By Rishabh Malhotra, Manager: Thalassa

I hail from:


The first time I came to Goa…

When I was three, all I remember is going to buy milk, morning time in a very rural Calangute.

What made me want to settle:

The fact that I was far away from Delhi.

I’ve been here for… 

Permanently for about 7 years.

Here, I keep myself occupied with… Work work work, I manage Thalassa the Greek restaurant.

I like Goa so much because…

Of the mix of people and cultures, no single idealogy dictates this beautiful state.

Life in Goa is all about:

Letting go, makes you see the light side of life and how important it is to stay in the present.

My favorite dining place in Goa is……and why……


My must-visit recommendations in Goa are…

Thalassa, vinayak, koi, gunpowder, burger factory, anahata (recently have started killing it with the food).

Author: Planet Goa Team
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