Cage Culture Will Be Spread Across Goa To Greatly Improve The Fishing Sector

“Goa has the capacity to produce the highest quantity of fish in the country and the quality of this fish produced through cage culture will be of export quality,” said Union fisheries minister Giriraj Singh. Goa has so much potential to be a fishing hub. As of now, it still falls short and even depends on Maharashtra and Karnataka for fish supply. To begin with, 1000 cages shall be set up in Goa. The aim is to install 30 lakh cages for fish production.

“In addition, there are enough reservoirs in Goa, including mining ones. We will start cage culture there too. Nowhere is there space available for cage culture like in Goa. We only need seed and feed links”. Singh stated. Cage culture can even make Goa one of the biggest fish exporters in the country. With cage culture, fishermen do not have to endure the struggles of living at sea for ten days and will save money on diesel costs.  State fisheries minister, Filipe Nery Rodrigues, is of the opinion that this will help make Goa more self-reliant.

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For us at Planet-Goa, our team is driven by that feeling of exhilaration that one gets when discovering that something ‘unique’ and ‘new’ about Goa for our ever-so-discerning readers.

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Author: Planet Goa Team
For us at Planet-Goa, our team is driven by that feeling of exhilaration that one gets when discovering that something ‘unique’ and ‘new’ about Goa for our ever-so-discerning readers.

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