The heart of Cavala, one of the most popular and among the oldest bars in Goa, is its part-covered, part al fresco bar and restaurant which features hugely popular live bands singing hits from the 70s up to the present. It is recommended, even if you are staying at Cavala, to book ahead for a table, as even standing space will be hard to come by if you walk in on a live performance. Bands usually perform on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. It isn’t uncommon to see patrons letting their hair down after a few drinks and shaking a leg wherever they can find space. Located 50 steps before the Baga beach, Cavala is split into two campuses on either side of the approach road to Baga. If you are looking for a comfy, charming, unpretentious and laid back accommodation, a stone’s throw away from one of Goa’s popular beaches, look no further than Cavala. While Cavala itself is a seaside resort, it more fits the bill of an estate with a series of cottage like dwellings, built in Portuguese/Goan style. The newer campus across the road includes a swimming pool, but with the beach a hop-skip-and-jump away, you may not end up using it as much. Cavala has stood the test of time for30 years, since the hippie heydays, and while it is not a luxury accommodation, it is neat and clean and has its heart in the right place, with genial staff, a chilled out ambience and abundant access to what Goa’s most famous for – its food, sun and sand.

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