Chasing Sunsets On The River Mandovi In Goa

NOTHING compares to sipping a beer on the beach, watching the sun dip beyond the horizon. The sunny shores offer mesmerizing views of the sunset, with the sky changing hues from flaming oranges to subtle shades of purples. Just when you thought it could not get better, the idea of catching the sunset on a yacht was introduced. With an unrestricted view of the sunset and the magic in the sky we took a trip on one such cruise in the Mandovi River.

As I stepped on to a yacht at the Brittona Jetty, the crew on board welcomed everyone with a drink. As the anchor was lifted and we headed West towards the Arabian Sea the breeze kicked up and provided an incredible and humbling experience, you at the mercy of the waves. As the yacht sailed along the coast of Panjim, the crew fired up a barbeque and beers and wine were passed around. The smell of the sea coupled with the aroma from the fresh of the grill chicken was amazing. With the waves crashing into the boat, I went about the yacht and found the perfect place on the bow as I settled in to watch the sunset. The views all around were stunning; Miramar Beach, the Panjim Coast, the Reis Magos fort and Betim village flanked the sides.

As the sun began to drop and to our good fortune, the sky decided to put on an absolute show. The sky did wonders and the water reflected the magic. While the blues turned dark, the city started to glow

Everyone wanted pictures with the sky at the background. It is at this point it struck home that Goa just got a new ‘must do’ activity. It does not matter if you have seen several sunsets sitting on the beach, take my word for it- a yacht on the water with some friends has a vibe that should easily be on everybody’s bucket list.

If you are sucker for breath- taking sunsets, Fun Cruises Goa offers a variety of choices, from a sunset cruise experience to moonlit river rides. The options are endless, from one of a kind party to relaxing boat trip or even romantic cruises under the stars, Fun Cruises offers it all. 

The trip promises an adventure of a lifetime.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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