Solar energised Ferries operate on the rivers of Goa – an important mode of transport

The CII Goa Conference on the theme of Clean Renewable Energy 2023 focuses on transforming business across industry, hospitality and real estate for sustainability.

The second edition of the conference aims to promote implementation and usage of clean and green energy, while providing industry with an opportunity to have fruitful discussions about latest technologies, engineering design methods, and best practices that address industrial challenges in the use of renewable energy.

The State has set a target of raising green energy production to 250 megawatts level in the next two years and plans for a 100% renewable energy status across all sectors by 2050. The government is committed to generating 150 MW of green energy in the next two years and will be setting up 100 MW solar power plants throughout Goa. The Goa government’s New Solar Policy aims to meet power shortages and to boost the growth and production of solar energy in the State. Amendments have been made to the Goa State Solar Policy 2017, to allow consumers to purchase renewable energy up to 100% of their contract demand from open sources on a first come first served basis. The move is expected to benefit industries by over Rs 1 per unit.

The government also plans to use abandoned mining pits in the State to generate hydropower and solar power and has initiated schemes to encourage industry to opt for renewable energy. The State government plans to come up with a ‘Hydrogen Mission Policy’ in tune with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a grey, blue and green hydrogen policy across the nation.

In consultations with stakeholders the energy action plan will soon be adopted and plans for sectors like electricity, transport, agriculture, fi sheries and industries are already complete with a job creation potential of around 15,000 jobs and 500 jobs created annually in the solar and wind energy sectors alone.

There are also plans to find a greener way to treat grey water and pipelines for grey water have been laid through the city of Panjim.

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