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Tritha Sinha: The Raaga Rock Star

Indian classical singer by day; rock diva by night – musician Tritha Sinha bridges two completely divergent worlds of music with ease. Samira Sheth is fascinated to learn more about this gifted singer, songwriter and composer now based in Goa.   There is definitely something in the air in Goa! For some time now, our tiny

The Goan Village Life You Never Heard About and Saw

Goan villages are the heart and soul of the landscape of this tropical state. Characterized by close knit communities, traditions weaved in history, abundance of natural resources, stories passed through generations, and much more, the villages of Goa are unique and an integral part of Goa’s culture and history. Here, we look at the various

30+ Must Visit Places in Goa

1. Divar    The island of Divar is famed for Bonderam, the festival held on the river island on the 4th Saturday of the month of August. Bonderam means the festival of flags. Its high point is a mock battle to commemorate the property wars that took place here over a century ago. Its landmark

The Houses Of Goa Museum

Discover Gerard da Cunha’s museum showcasing the ‘houses of Goa’ The first time I chanced upon the very regal sounding Salvadar-do- Mundo village was when I went in search of Nisha’s school. As I drove down the lane, I was intrigued at being led through a narrow fork, reaching a traffic island. Then boom, almost

Art Resort

Artists in Goa are lucky to find the Art Resort in Palolem willingly bear the mantle of supporting and encouraging art-makers. The gorgeous little beach resort boasts of prettily appointed huts set back from the beach, each with their own private sit-out, as well as a fully equipped bar and restaurant bang on the southern

Art Chamber

Some years ago, Goa’s well known artist Yolanda de Sousa Kammermeier imagined her own world. And then in 1997 she brought that fantastical dream into fruition – resulting in the fairy-tale like castle style Art Chamber, Galeria de Bellas Artes. Run by Yolanda and her husband Rudolf, Art Chamber was conceived as a space both

Things To Do

Top 5 things to do when in Goa: 1) Take a dip…in one of Goa’s many natural springs. Ask a local guide to direct you to the closest one or check your guide book. The spring at Rivona located in South Goa is once such local secret. The little spring gurgles with life after the monsoons have replenished its waters.

Top 5 Partying Venues

Goa is and always will be the party capital of the country. So you want to mambo on a Monday, tango on a Tuesday or waltz on a Wednesday; I have put together 5 weekday madness joints to get the best of the much acclaimed Goan nightlife scene.