Do Goa

Goa Night Activities (other than clubbing)

“I’m fed up. During the day there is a lot to do in Goa. But what is there to do in the night?” “There are a lot of nightclu…” “No.!.. Please don’t mention nightclubs! It’s already been talked about too much. What else is there?” …. Have you felt the same way? Don’t worry. Here

The Houses Of Goa Museum

Discover Gerard da Cunha’s museum showcasing the ‘houses of Goa’ The first time I chanced upon the very regal sounding Salvadar-do- Mundo village was when I went in search of Nisha’s school. As I drove down the lane, I was intrigued at being led through a narrow fork, reaching a traffic island. Then boom, almost

The Art Watch

Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal: Personal and Poignant Her vibrant canvases burst with colour and fantasy. Sonia’s work is at once deeply personal as well as firmly rooted in the Goan ethos. Some of her recent work titled ‘Daddy’s Princess’ evokes her sense of loss at her father’s recent death. Other works celebrate the Goan way of

Shopping in Goa

Goa may be famous for a lot of things, and shopping might not yet be its forte, but it’s getting there. It might not have the luxury of malls in every corner of its cities, or brands it can boast of, but its night markets and flea market are unique to the state. When it

Goa…The Event Capital Of India

Although Barbados, Las Vegas, Bali and various other premier travel destinations may have a lot of glamour and glitz going on for them, Goa’s culturally rich unique charm that provides for a wholesome experience each year has secured its status as India’s event capital. From fun and frolic of Asia’s biggest music festival to intellectually

A Hundred Reasons To Say I Do In Goa

Goa with its beautiful landscape and proximity to the sea offers the perfect backdrop for dream weddings.The choicest of venues which can bring any theme alive, culinary spreads which will have guests raving about your wedding for years, and a chilled out vibe which is quintessential to the Goan life, are hallmarks of weddings in

The Places For Crazy Parties In Goa

Probably one of the many things that only Goa out of all the other states in India has to exclusively offer are the parties that go on till dawn. One of the safest states in the nation without any early curfews like most metropolitan cities; put on your dancing shoes, scour through your bag/wardrobe for

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Crawlers flood the beachy states coastal pubs and clubs like bees to fragrant flowers. What makes this little palm dotted haven such a popular destination for so many is what Andrea Newton, local resident and fire dancer, sheds some light on… It’s been no hidden secret since the time of the original flower children who

Goa Thrills

Along with being a national hotspot for getting together to vacation and to glug down alcohol by the beautiful landscapes and beaches; Goa is rapidly becoming India’s favourite tourist hub for the adrenalin pumped sports and activities it has to offer. Depending on which vertical direction of the compass you plan to venture into- North

Perenially Splenid

Goa, the land of sun, sand, seafood and soul. The smallest gem adorning India paradoxically, has the most character. A bijou Shangri-La of palm fringed beaches, glorious golden sunsets and happy Goans known world over for their joie de vivre. Most non-Goans think Goa is synonymous with fun frolic and feni in the peak season.