Eat Goa

Eating out in the New Normal

A Peek into the transitioned Foodscape of Goa Text by: Nidhi Lall The extraordinaire world of Goan food has been unmatched so far. The delectable seafood and curries is a delicious reflection of its history and heritage- that was an influence of the Portuguese dominance fused with local recipes and spices. There is no match

Goa Night Activities (other than clubbing)

“I’m fed up. During the day there is a lot to do in Goa. But what is there to do in the night?” “There are a lot of nightclu…” “No.!.. Please don’t mention nightclubs! It’s already been talked about too much. What else is there?” …. Have you felt the same way? Don’t worry. Here

Goa’s unique Shack story

Rhythmic sound of the crashing waves, a thatched roof to keep you cool from the tropical sun… and a chilled, crisp beverage to suspend you into a state of complete relaxation… Let’s look at the unique shacks in Goa that are sure to leave an indelible mark in your memory. Dotted along the sea-coast during

Food – The same old, same old

Whatever kind of adventure you’re in Goa for, a culinary adventure will always tag along. How about some new flavours every time you’re hungry? Goa has it all. Ah, Goa. Vacationer’s paradise. It’s not every day you come across a cosmopolis that’s so tightly bound to the culture it hails from. And of all things

Whats the worry? You’ve got an Eatinerary

So you’ve hit the Goan shores. Food on the plane was cold and dry. Negotiating for a cab mustn’t have turned out that great either. I get you. But get this. Your ride from here on will be smooth as silk. And this little compilation of my personal recommendations of things to do and things