Responsible Tourism is the Core Essence of Destination Goa

Goa is widely regarded as one of the most alluring tourist destinations in India. The local economy in many ways is fuelled and dependent on the tourism industry. It has emerged as a top tourist destination, with Hinterland Tourism becoming a buzzword.

As you drive towards the interiors of Goa, away from the coastline, the rustic settlings of Goan villages start to appear amidst the thick forest cover. It is an experience in itself to drive towards the interior on a long stretch of road laden with dense forests on both sides. It is the prettiest picture you can paint of Goa, unseen and untouched. The hinterland is where you experience the real Goa. It is said that if you want to see the real culture and life of a city like Goa, visit the rural areas. It is in the vicinity of the villages where the people are most connected with nature and their traditions, something city dwellers aren’t used to.

Goa is so much more than just the beaches, and has a lot more to offer from the tourism perspective. Goa’s inherent beauty lies in its hinterland and rural landscape. The state has shifted its focus on eco-tourism by promoting eco resorts and homestays, eco farms, the revival of springs, lakes, and ponds, and nurturing and protecting the flora and fauna in its hinterland. Ever since, many eco resorts, homestay options with cottages in villages, and spice farms have opened that are focusing on responsible tourism.

Jungle Trail Homestays provide a comfortable stay in a village setting.

These stays provide its guests with the option of exploring the gorgeous natural ecosystem that Goa has to offer like the Western Ghats, which is home to many species of flora and fauna, natural lakes, and waterfalls that are a real treat to visit during the monsoon season. The entire stretch of the Ghats with its forest cover is protected under the wildlife preservation act of 1972, via the sanctuaries in this region. From hiking to jungle trek, nature walks, birding, these exotic locations give tourists ample opportunities for wonderous activities.

The village homestays of Goa will give you an experience of a lifetime; living in a natural and raw habitat. Eco homestays like Bhakti Kutir and the Palm Tree Ayurvedic Heritage in Canacona, the Khaama Kethna Ecological Village in Palolem, South Goa, and the Mangaal Farmstay near Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary create a village life for you in the most sustainable yet comfortable way. The Wildernest Nature Resort Goa in the Chorla Ghats, the Postcard Hideaway, Capella Forest Retreat & Homestay, and Cabo Sarai are some of the selected few that are remarkable pro-environment stays.

Cojoined efforts from both government and the hospitality zone are made while promoting clean and green means of tourism to avoid the hinterlands turning into commercial spots. Henceforth, the government of Goa are taking steps to promote hinterland tourism in moderation. Because the villages and the destination with huge natural reserves are the soul of Goa, preservation and maintaining the sanctity of these zones is of extreme importance. Therefore, hinterland tourism is promoted in such a way that responsible tourists visit who appreciate and respect rural life and local traditions. They work closely with the local communities to promote local festivals, culture, and heritage to everyone visiting Goa. While infrastructure, like transportation and accessibility, is improving, the authorities are also ensuring the true nature of these places is preserved. Ecotourism based on environmentally sustainable practices is critical for attracting high-end tourists. The opening of tourism in the villages has empowered the villagers to become self-reliant and self-employed.

Goa’s culture is rich and diverse. It is only fair to celebrate and preserve the Goan spirit that thrives in its ecosystem, and maintain the sacredness of this pure land.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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