Feni distillers in Goa show how the heritage drink is made at their ‘bhatis’

Ever wondered what it was like behind the scenes to make Goa’s heritage drink – Feni? Two years back, the tourism department wanted to offer guided tours to show how the drink is made but it hasn’t started yet. However, a couple of Feni producers took matters into their hands and opened their own ‘bhatis’ and distilleries to the public for them to learn about the drink.

One such business is ‘Feni trails by Fazenda Cazulo’ which has become a success. It is located in Velsao, South Goa and takes place all year round. Here, people even learn about the history of Feni.  The founder of the Goa Cashew Feni Distillers and Bottlers Association, Mac Vaz, has a Feni appreciation programme called ‘Fennytastic Fennylier’ which is rising in popularity. He teaches the difference between fresh and matured Feni and between urrak and niro.

Some other ‘bhati’ owners also allow visitors in via invitation.

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