Flavours 24

Beat the heat and boredom with frozen yoghurts and desserts at Flavours 24 in the heart of busy Panjim. The mouth-watering treats like froyos (frozen yogurt), parfaits, milkshakes and slushes in flavours as delicious and exotic as cantaloupe, melon, black walnut, bubblegum, cranberry, Amaretto and more will give your jaded palate a burst of flavour. As the name suggests, Flavours 24 offers a range of 24 flavours from exotic fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, spirits, liqueurs and more to make sure you get to try something new whenever you visit. The brand has also just introduced the YoBun, a delicious yogurt burger for the first time in India. The frozen yoghurt chain is gaining in popularity and has another outlet in Baga as well as some branches across India. The next time you want something different yet delicious, sweet yet low-fat and healthy, you know where to go!

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Author: Planet Goa Team
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