Fragrances of Goa

The Goan villages are a must visit even if you are here for the parties and nightlife or for the beaches and scrumptious food. Unlike other parts of the country, most Goan villages are wrapped in nature with trees, hills and sometimes streams flowing through. Quaint chapels add a surreal beauty and whenever the village celebrates a feast, the entire village is cushioned by a celebratory fragrance. As you walk through or even ride by, the smell of Goan curries, the famous sorpotel and delights make its way to you, kicking up a notch of excitement.

Spice Plantations

Sniff up some spice! The spice plantations in Goa are a refreshing sight. Nestled amidst envelopes of trees and plants, these farms let you have a tete a tete with nature. The tours let you steep into the world of the spices and watch how they are grown. While walking along, what is striking is the smell of the spices that lend a pleasant fragrance. The guides explain each of the plants and trees and often give you to smell the different spices. A day at a spice farm is a great option. The food served in most of the farms is healthy and served onto a leaf plate. It might not be fancy or loud but it’s a trip worth taking and discovering this unique side of the state.

Smell em’ cashews?

Exclusive to Goa, Feni has made a name for itself world over. Its fragrance strong, yet peculiar! And when it is the cashew season in Goa, the hills sing its fragrance. The process of making feni lets out a nostalgic aroma, an aroma of cashews being squeezed and then fermented. The season has in bloom cashew trees and hills are often filled with it. Although you cannot pluck the cashew off the trees, its aroma tempts your taste buds. During the season, locals roasts these cashew nuts in their own backyard, the smell of which can be sniffed throughout the village.

Sea Breeze

As you near the coastal area, and as your feet touch the sand your olfactory senses spike a new high. The fragrance of the ocean dragged towards you by the relentless sea breeze make your senses jump in joy. There is something quite pleasant about the sea breeze that compliments the sea shore and Goa’s beaches. And along the shore are seasonal visitors, the shacks. These shacks are present throughout the year barring the time of the monsoons. A walk along the sandy stretch and the fragrance of sizzling sea food tempts you toward their thatched roofs.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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