Goan man takes care of unusual babies

Their mother left, and Johnson from Goa decided to take care of the kids. But these weren’t ordinary kids – they’re baby pythons! Some weeks ago, Johnson rescued a python. Before its release, he discovered 22 eggs along with the snake.

Usually, the mother python sits on her eggs like a hen for more than 50 days. Unfortunately, after a week, she decided to leave and Johnson released it. He then kept the eggs in some sand and kept a watchful eye over them to spot any toxic fungus. After 53 days, a baby python stick its head out of its eggshell, and soon its siblings followed. Soon, he released them all into a valley.

There was another python – an Indian rock python – who almost got run over. A few days back, Mukta and her son Heramb stopped their vehicle and turned on the hazard lights when they saw the reptile. They got down and stopped the other vehicles. Everyone patiently waited while the snake slowly crossed the road. All this shows that Goa has good reptile biodiversity and that there are people who care for them.

(Image used for representational purpose only)

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