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The Goan Village Life You Never Heard About and Saw

Goan villages are the heart and soul of the landscape of this tropical state. Characterized by close knit communities, traditions weaved in history, abundance of natural resources, stories passed through generations, and much more, the villages of Goa are unique and an integral part of Goa’s culture and history. Here, we look at the various

30+ Must Visit Places in Goa

1. Divar    The island of Divar is famed for Bonderam, the festival held on the river island on the 4th Saturday of the month of August. Bonderam means the festival of flags. Its high point is a mock battle to commemorate the property wars that took place here over a century ago. Its landmark

Folklore: The Curious Incident of the Church of St. Diogo

Many years ago, a church was built on the boundary  that separated Sangolda from the neighbouring village  of Guirim. Differences in caste had already caused a rift  between the two and this only made things worse. It was  to be the place of worship for both communities.  The village folk gathered at the church one

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