How’s the Josh? High Sir!  – Day 4 of Iffi 52

How’s the Josh ? High Sir!  
The summed up the mood on Day 4 of IFFI 52.  

It was a day of high energy as the delegates patiently stood in serpentine lines to watch the films on different screens. It was a day of seamless transitions between films and screens, giving the young volunteers a few moments to sit in between screenings.  Regular faces became familiar, and familiar faces became friends on Day 4. 

Said one delegate to another, “The IFFI festival is about watching good and great international films which we don’t get to see normally. But along with this, IFFI aids networking and fellowship.” Nodded the other in agreement, “The chance to meet some of the great minds and discuss their work is a big learning opportunity. I look forward to these experiences.”

The young Director of Rain Janno Jurgens of Estonian origin attended the screening of his debut film. “I travelled 6000 miles to be here, just to hear the audience response from different parts of the globe. It is an intense learning for me too.”

The Red Carpet was also rolled out for the other celebrities of the day – old and debutante who imbibed and reflected the joyous spirit of the festival. 

And so the dice rolls on to Day 5 of the 52nd IFFI extravaganza. Every tree on the boulevard bordering the Mandovi river was lit up with technicolour razzmatazz in an effort that held back no stops to create a dreamlike experience not just for the 3000 delegates, but every visitor to the city of Panjim.

Enjoy !

Text: Shangon das Gupta

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