Ice Cream Parlours

Mr. Gelato – Cream Choc

Introduction About this Restaurant Creamchoc Gelato, one of the finest artisan gelatos in Goa, gives you mouthful of flavours which are rich and creamy. Churned with love and amazing fresh fruits, Davide Passarella, an Italian, got his skilled hands here in goa to create the flavours of the original gelatos. Taste the spoonful of heavenly delight made to

Natural Ice Cream

A perfect place for a sweet treat whenever in the neighbourhood is Natural Ice Cream at Panjim, Goa. The brand was founded in the year 2007 with a small ice-cream joint. The response it received led to its successful journey, culminating in the establishment of a chain of ice-cream parlours all across the city. It

Hice Cream: Happy Hours in a jar

The joy of Friday night cocktails with friends, and a refusal to let go of your childhood love for ice cream experimentation and taste, come together in Goa’s decadent new ice cream offering. Named quirkily after iconic songs and movies the ice creams at Hice Cream, definitely pack the right punch for a hic (full)

Flavours 24

Beat the heat and boredom with frozen yoghurts and desserts at Flavours 24 in the heart of busy Panjim. The mouth-watering treats like froyos (frozen yogurt), parfaits, milkshakes and slushes in flavours as delicious and exotic as cantaloupe, melon, black walnut, bubblegum, cranberry, Amaretto and more will give your jaded palate a burst of flavour.

Baskin Robbins

Embarking on a vision implemented by two guys Burton “Burt” Baskin and Irvine “Irv” Robbins, Baskin Robbins entered India in 1993 through a joint venture with the Ghai Group. Its first manufacturing plant outside North America opened in Pune. Offering delicious and fun treats in 150 cities/ towns with 600+ stores, Baskin Robbins is one