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While on the roll, starving in a cab we understand that you might be suffering with your phone on roaming and no data coverage to be able to use GPS.  Well, in that case, all you need to do is ask your cabbie to take you to any of the following places and they will know the directions like the back of their hands.

  1. Britto’s
    A very popular seafood restaurant by the Baga Beach, Britto’s is one location that even the locals will direct you to if you’re on your own and not in a cab. Britto’s has a very elaborate but a very common beach shack menu including North Indian, Chinese, continental and seafood. Their kebabs are a must have.
  2. Souza Lobo
    Souza Lobo, the king of seafood in Calangute, is also quite a well known establishment throughout the belt. Located bang on the Calangute beach, Souza Lobo specializes in Goan seafood delights. I would highly recommend this place especially if you’re having seafood for the first time.
  3. Martin’s Corner
    Located in Betalbatim, Martin’s Corner is one of the oldest properties in the stretch and almost every local and cab drivers are very well aware of its whereabouts. Being one of the legendary eateries in Goa, they serve from a spread of Indian, Continental, and Goan Seafood cuisines to suite every palate.
  4. Zeebop
    Zeebop, a beachfront eatery located on Utorda Beach in Majorda, is a very popular hangout throughout Goa. It gets a lot of international crowd who obviously don’t know the directions that well but rely on their cabbies. Zeebop serves a blend of North Indian, Goan, and seafood which is probably the best in the belt it lies in.
  5. Calamari
    To get to Calamari, the standard hangout for all the metropolis population coming down to Candolim, you don’t even require a cab driver to get the directions. Even if you ask a Mumbai girl or a Delhi boy,  they’d all be able to help you out with the way. Being a beach shack in Candolim, they serve North Indian, Goan, and seafood like any other shack but the quality of food is far beyond compared to any other beach shack I’ve ever eaten from.

Text: Shubham Gupta

Pics courtesy: Planet Goa Archives, Anthony Elliot

Author: Planet Goa Team
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