Is Day 6 of Iffi still interesting?

Day 6

Sitting outside at the IFFI venue is as interesting as sitting inside the auditorium!  

Why? Coz it’s a non-stop fashion show.  

The young and the not-so-young used imaginative ways to wear a bandana – even on their long permed hair which was nonchalantly allowed to stray out.  Anti-fit dresses in creative styles were worn with youthful confidence while linen pants and crop tops was another favourite.  Neon colour t-shirts with cheesy messages (high on films, new wave coming, ma aur cinema, believe in yourself, kya cheese hai) added amusement as well as colour to the day.   

Masks and tags were mandatory and the white canvas IFFI bag with an umbrella poking out was a statutory add-on. 

A troupe of local singers and musicians in beach shirts strummed the guitar and sang melodious tunes through the day adding to the festive feeling.  A medley of Portuguese, Konkani and Hindi songs had everyone tapping their feet to the local beats while the serpentine lines formed seamlessly – show to show.    

Yes, it is Day 6 and IFFI is at its peak.

Text and Picture Credits: Shangon das Gupta

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