Island View

The Island View Beach Restaurant on Uttorda beach raises a toast to humble beginnings. What started out as a simple shack nearly four years ago, is now a shack, a restaurant and even has a dance floor the size of a basket ball court. Drawing inspiration from its name, the Island View Beach Restaurant is almost like an island in itself. With lush greenery all around and well manicured lawns, to roosters, turtles and rabbits, the shack manages to stand out from the rest of the crowd by offering a tropical island ambience. The food is good but not out of the ordinary however, they do claim to make fantastic Biryani if you give them an advance order. The shack also takes guests for joyrides into the sea right up to the Grande Island and arranges for day picnics and BBQs complete with the experience of snorkeling and fishing. It is an ideal getaway for get-togethers and family outings by the beach; so do try if you’re in the mood to experience a new place.

Average meal for two:  INR. 500.

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Author: Planet Goa Team
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