It’s time to have an affair with your donuts! 

Date: 18th February 2023 |

South Goa’s latest dessert hotspot is a cute little homegrown donut shop, which can give the biggies a run for their money. While devouring a few of these rounded delicacies, Shobhika Jaju writes about “The Donut Affair”.  

In more recent times, Goa has been flooded with some of the best international brands, in almost all categories, including major international food chains. There is, however, a different charm to those generation old bakeries, hidden in the prettiest of nooks & corners across the state. “The Donut Affair”, doesn’t fit into any of these two categories. It’s a breakthrough, and creating a space of its own, in the freshly baked dessert market. 

What started as a venture from their home kitchen, by a mother-son duo, as a quest to bring mouth-watering donuts to the Goan community, has slowly expanded to a retail shop of its own. Ashish Nakate, the brain behind “The Donut Affair”, and the chef who bakes these decadent donuts, used to personally deliver the freshly baked goodies when this journey started. Helped by his mom, you can now see the duo at work at their newly opened kitchen which is connected to the retail store. Just visualize it yourself; hot and fresh donuts oozing out with the different fillings, which you can just pop right into your mouth. 

When it comes to the flavors, this donut heaven, has a wide variety of them. While the traditional flavors like chocolate double trouble, Nutella tease, strawberry cream, ring donuts, etc. are available through the year, they also have limited edition flavors often introduced as per ingredient availability or to mark a festive season. Offbeat flavors like lavender, kiwi cream, heaven berry, make this place stand out and ensure that you never run out of flavors to try. 

Oh, and what’s more? They also offer mini-donuts on order in those very many flavors, for the times when you want to indulge that sweet tooth but not go all out; or may be for when you want to try all of the flavors without committing to a single one!

Going by their Instagram account, it’s very clear that if you don’t reach in time, or place your orders ahead, you might miss out on your favorite flavors, as the donuts are baked fresh every single day.

Your quest for that perfect donut, with a cup of coffee (if you prefer), ends at “The Donut Affair”.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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