We love our fish and meat but there are times when traditional Indian food is all we crave for. It is overwhelming to find a pure vegetarian restaurant in the heart of carnivorous Goa. Bringing the rich and diverse Indian flavors to Goa on a plate is Jalsa, the speciality restaurant with its own individual kitchen at Resort Rio in Arpora. Known for its traditional Gujarati and Rajasthani thalis, this restaurant promises to offer an authentic Indian experience. Jalsa has an ethnic décor. The seating is inspired by the “sitting on floor” concept in Rajasthani homes. The cozy ambience and the warm service of the staff who are dressed in traditional attire add to the feel good factor of this place. Dining here is by reservation only. There is something about this place that will make you feel at home. The menu varies according to the availability of fresh ingredients from the market. It is interesting to know that they have a different menu for lunch and dinner. Their chefs (Maharaj) are from Gujarat and Rajasthan and they adopt the traditional method of cooking to ensure that local flavors are maintained. Jain Food is also available here. You can take your pick from the Rajasthani Thali, Regular Thali, Royal Thali and the Dal Baati Thali. A lot of thought and research has gone in while curating the menu at Jalsa to ensure that guests get to savor the regional delicacies of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Their thalis are well balanced and every preparation has its own distinctive taste. They have not left any stone unturned in giving guests a truly traditional experience. Rajasthani Food is considered incomplete without the deadly combination of Dal Baati and Churma. Jalsa is perhaps the only restaurant in Goa where you will find this delicacy.This simple yet filling Rajasthani speciality dipped in melted ghee will hit the right spot. Harey mutter ka ghugra, the well – known farsaan ( starter) in Gujarat , khatta dhokla, gattey ki sabzi, Khoba roti – traditional Rajasthani flatbread are some of the other regional delicacies that you will get to taste at Jalsa. When it comes to pure vegetarian food, this restaurant stands firm like a wall in consistency and quality. No wonders then that it has won the Times Food Award for four consecutive years. Dining here is an experience in itself.With Ganesh Chaturthi just around the corner, it could very well be a reason for you to treat yourself to some delicious vegetarian food. Visit this restaurant to explore the enticing flavors of Gujarat and Rajasthan.  You will soon find yourself going back for more.

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