Kilowott: Reshaping Digital Customer Experiences for a Global Audience

As Goa’s reputation as an IT hub grows by leaps and bounds, ‘Planet Goa’ tracks down the story of ‘Kilowott’ one of the biggest digital solutions company in the state, which has a presence across continents. Kilowott’s Co-Founder Aaron Fernandez talks about the company’s journey, right from the first brick to the heights it has scaled over the years.

How did the story of Kilowott begin?    

Out first major website development firm was ‘Kodework’. The IT company was started in 2014 in Mumbai after we landed our first major outsourcing opportunity with a media company based in Norway. Me and my brothers Judah and Caleb relocated the company to Goa in 2015 and started operations from scratch from a 700 sq. mts office space in Porvorim. As our client-base spread across continents, we started a clutch of other IT firms like ‘Nine Stack’, an app development agency, ‘Creometric’, a digital marketing agency, ‘Bootcamp’ a mentoring and training firm, ‘Fat Hamster Studio’ an animation and virtual reality studio, etc as well as Nordic Hub India, a start-up accelerator, in 2018.

In 2020, the world changed and we decided to realign some of our verticals into a single entity – ‘Kilowott’. Our core philosophy however, stays the same – to offer cutting-edge digital solutions in a global marketplace to enhance digital customer experience.

Why did you choose Goa as the HQ for your IT company?

Goa is home to us and it is also shaping up as an emerging hub for IT companies. In fact, our personal journey as entrepreneurs started in Goa. Along with my brothers Judah and Caleb, we established this company and built it from the ground up. We started with two employees in 2015. Today we are a company with 130+ employees offering cutting-edge technological offerings to a global clientele.

The setting up of Kilowott’s headquarters in Goa is also in a way, our opportunity to give back to this state where we have our roots.

What services does Kilowott offer and what is the IT company’s USP?

‘Kilowott’ offers consultancy and strategy services in customer journey mapping, customer experience process assessment and surveys consulting, assessment, roadmap ideation and modelling with use cases, brand positioning and go-to market strategy, brand identity development and concept design and prototyping. All the strategies are custom-made based on real data analysis, down to the minutest detail generated through innovating coding.

We build interactive experiences and implement goal-oriented disruption by combining strategic vision, product innovation and design, emerging technologies and superior digital marketing. Simply put, we are a digital strategy, design and development agency. The company uses leverage design elements such as CX, AR, VR and next-gen technologies such as analytics, AI, IoT to craft seamless digital interfaces and operations to positively impact customers’ business growth and profitability.

We are clued into disruptive digital technologies, outcome-driven philosophy and an imaginative approach.

We work closely with our clients to build customer experiences across all platforms and brand touch points. Working across platforms, disciplines and industries, our approach is based on a deep understanding of the interplay between design, technology and the needs of our clients.

As far as Kilowott’s USP is concerned, we believe that clear communication, with service and product positioning are our two key mantras of success in trade.

Does Kilowott service domestic clients alone or does the company have a global footprint?

We have partner deals in Norway, Netherlands, India, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and the US and service clients across three continents.

Could you describe your office atmosphere? Is Kilowott a fun place to work in?

Thanks to my brothers Judah and Caleb, the office space and office culture is far removed from a ‘cut and dry’ atmosphere. Our office in Porvorim, reflects that spirit. Caleb was involved in every aspect of setting up the office space, right from drawing up the blueprints to picking furniture and designing every corner of the office space. It is spread over 700 square metres and is beautifully designed.

When it comes to our motivated workforce at Kilowott, appearances matter little when it comes to delivery of targets. Some quotient of informality was already brought in by some of our early crew members, who had walked in with dreadlocks and shorts. Our work culture is fun and celebrations have been epic. 

Since the pandemic hit we have adopted a Work-From-Home model. It’s a challenge to keep the work culture alive while adopting this model but we have found our ways. From virtual fun team sessions, festive celebrations, coffee meet-ups and contests, we keep the fun element alive. 

What lies ahead for Kilowott in a post Covid-19 world?

2020 brought in sweeping changes across the globe. Humanity is still adapting to the ‘new normal’. It seems like a big change. However, our core philosophy stays the same – to offer cutting-edge digital solutions in a global marketplace to enhance digital customer experience.


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