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As the fire slowly burns…

By: Sheryl Gonsalves “Do you know how I come to know that the guests are happy? When I see their empty plates!” says Shibiraj Saha, Executive Chef of Holiday Inn Goa. The journey of this well-seasoned chef with 24-25 years’ experience started as a child cooking with his mother. Whenever she cooked up a dish,

Which celebrities were spotted in Goa?

Goa is a little paradise on earth for everyone, including celebrities. Here are some stars who came to this beautiful state within the past few months… Suriya, Nagma, and Jyotika Celebrities – Suriya, Nagma, and Jyotika – enjoyed exploring Chorao Island in Goa. They started their tour with a boat ride from Salim Ali Bird

Beach Wear for the Goan Summer

Researched & written by Nidhi Lall Goa is synonymous with beaches, just like how Biselri is to water. Isn’t it? There are no second thoughts when thinking of a beach holiday. It has to be Goa. Goa is the queen of beaches and has the most exotic ones in India. If you are planning a

Sea-bathing Therapy

In this article, Psychologist Shobhika Jaju explores why bathing in the seawater right before monsoons, is a must for most locals & why should it be on your itinerary if you are visiting Goa this summer. The Sea is known as the healer of the mind, body & soul. Ever been to the beach and

  The Golden Heart of Goa

Goa has a heart. It makes you believe in the power of humanity. And that is because of people like Karen Roach. In a world, full of strife and animosity, Karen is a rare find. Dabbling in myriad jobs in various sectors like shipping, hospitality, public relations and marketing and traversing through an assortment of

When History comes back to Life…

What happens when pieces of history get majestically refurbished? A sight worth beholding of course! Lenny Baretto loves to give churches in Goa a transfigured look, including the stunning heritage centuries-old churches. In conversation with SHERYL GONSALVES from Planet Goa, he speaks about his unique passion and what happens behind the scenes. So how did

The Beauty pageant that breaks stereotypes

Brought up in the tribal village of Jharkhand, rooted in Rajasthani culture, and settled in the paradise of Goa, Mrs. Rina Jain made a decision that would bring about a big change in her life. It all started when Rina was randomly scrolling through Facebook. She happened to see a post called the ‘International Glamour Project’.

The Changing Face of Assagao

A stone’s throw away from the congested and bustling Mapusa, lies the reticent and captivating village of Assagao. The picturesque village is seeing a sudden influx of new residents, who are moving into the quaint town. The hotbed of new investments now has quaint cafes, yoga retreats, restaurants and boutiques springing up adding to its

Interview With An Entrepreneurial Genius In Goa – Jaydev Mody

Jaydev Mody, the man who can be credited with the success of the off-shore casino industry in Goa, got candid with Planet Goa about his life’s journey, likes, dislikes and lots more. With decades of work experience behind him, Mr. Mody has a wide range of interests which include gaming, textiles, real estate, horse racing

No One Can ‘Carnival’ Like Goa Can!

Jason Santos recounts a first-hand experience of another brilliant carnival season. THE city decked in colour, a festive vibe grips the state; decorations, lights and a general party atmosphere takes over. Carnival 2019 was brought in with much hype and anticipation, and lived up to every bit of it. With the entire state going into

Seasons in Goa

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