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Eco Stays And Resorts In North Goa
Date: 9th February 2023 | Text by: Nidhi Lall | Images source: the eco stays mentioned in the article

The opulence and charisma of the state of Goa for its beauty is unmatched. The green ecosystem of Goa inherits the gift of mother nature in the form of flora and fauna. While maintaining the richness of the ecosystem, eco-tourism in Goa is increasing its footprint strongly. We have a beautiful spread of eco stays and resorts that bring you together with nature.

We believe that there is no better host than nature itself. And when you get an opportunity to choose from a galore of homestays beautifully nestled amidst the lush green landscape of Goa, you cannot refuse such hospitality. With the lush greens sprawling across the length of Goa, right from Chorla Ghats to the unspoiled beaches, the eco retreats are setting an example of sustainable living. It’s time that we all embrace living in nature and with nature. And these retreats tell you that it is possible.

Apart from South Goa which hosts many eco stays in splendour, North Goa has its spread of these gorgeous stays. Here is a mention of a selected few!

Capella Forest Retreat & Homestay

Capella Forest Retreat and Homestay is an eco-homestay mindfully built to be inclusive rather than exclusive with nature. The owner – Ayesha – took tender care will fathoming this retreat, keeping environment regeneration in mind. Their vision is clear – make Capella a homestay that gives its guests comfort and peace amidst the lush greens of Goa.

Unity with Environment

Capella Forest Retreat and Homestay is the minimum waste premise. Following zero-plastic use, they are making a conscious effort to abide by pro-environment regulations. The eco homestay aims at inspiring the guests that living a ‘conscious or sustainable lifestyle’ is possible anywhere, even in the cities.

Living @ Capella

With three stunning bedrooms, a pool, and a unique stay experience, the retreat will make you fall in love with the quaint villages surrounding it. Sipping on a martini or a simple lemonade by the pool gives a whole new meaning here. And when the host gives you company, the conversations and the experience take a wonderous turn. It’s like you drift into a different world where time moves slowly, and the smallest detail around you is admirable.

The retreat is a real treat for vacationers. The large living room with a high ceiling opens onto a central courtyard filled with tropical plants and a fishpond. The interiors are a visual treat adorning books, photographs and lamps placed aesthetically. The living room opens into the front veranda that overlooks the swimming pool. Here the guests can lounge on comfortable cane furniture and watch the mesmerizing view of the hills, and also beyond the horizon. The premise is pet-friendly, so you can have a real vacation with your entire family, including fur babies.

More visual treat – the garden fills up with flowering trees and plants that attract an amazing variety of birds and butterflies. There is every chance of you seeing several bird species, including peacocks, sunbirds, hornbills, kingfishers and the resident paradise flycatcher, without stirring from the shade of your veranda! Don’t be surprised if a monkey pays a visit, along with a few nocturnal mates like porcupines or civet cats.


Magnolia: a luxurious room on the first floor that overlooks a manicured courtyard and has a private balcony.

Heliconia: a large, airy room on the first floor overlooking the swimming pool, giving you a view of the hills and fields.

Jacaranda: a cosy little room on the ground floor for solo visitors, couples or families with elderlies.

So, there are ample reasons why Capella Forest Retreat and Homestay should be on your ‘places to stay’ list for your next Goa trip. It’s a perfect getaway.

Pro-tip: Proximity to Anjuna, Anjuna, Assagao and Vagator. Activities curated by them include bird-watching tours, Dolphin & backwater river cruises, bicycling tours, local curated walks, cooking classes with a local chef, and foot reflexology.

Wildernest Nature Resort Goa

Wildernest Nature Resort, as the name suggests, is an eco-stay located amidst the tranquil green settings of North Goa. It stands on the sound principle of ‘minimal interference’. We have created a natural aesthetic and nature-friendly retreat that blends well with its surroundings. Nurtured to its prime, Wildernest Nature Resorts is Captain Nitin Dhond’s dream. As a merchant Navy Captain and the resort’s Managing Director, his vision pulled in a dream team of nature lovers and wildlife professionals. They together created a project that initiated environmentally-conscious tourism in Goa.

Living @ Wildernest

The resort brings people closer to nature and provides safety and comfort. In addition, the cottages offer luxury to those who want to relax in nature. The wide glass windows make the perfect HD screen of nature in action; from the golden glow of the sunrise or sunset, or better still, observing the exotic birds take to the skies. During the day, the sunlight seeps through these large windows to light up the interiors. Likewise, the moonlight filters through the windows at night to create a subtle atmosphere.

The unusual opulence and picturesque setting of Wildernest is unfathomable until you experience it yourself. Then, the choice to be spoilt by nature is up to you.
Forest View cottages: an enthralling view of the forests from all sides of these cottages is mesmerizing. Early mornings are a treat in the forest-view cabins as one can see a myriad of butterflies and birds right from the comforts of your bed.

Valley View Cottage: the expansive view of the Swapnagandha valley and the forests of Chorla Ghats up to the horizon is phenomenal. It is a must-stay place for those who love gazing endlessly into the horizon, and with a panoramic view of the ghats and deep blue skies in the background. The Valley cottage is at its best on full moon nights, as the moonlight filters through the window to illuminate the entire cottage.

Family Cottage: the Family cottage offers a 360- degree view of the state of Goa, with the Arabian Sea on the horizon. This exclusive cottage has two rooms and an attached bathroom, with an independent path tucked away from the rest. You can trek along an offbeat track enveloped in hues of greens on both sides.

Randhan: The restaurant is a breathtaking structure that awestruck every visitor. Located amidst naturally landscaped area far away from the hustles of the city life. This is where local culinary delights are created and served, much to the delight of your taste buds. You can revitalize your body with healthy ethnic cuisine cooked and served by the cook Ramakant and his boys on a grand jungle buffet.

Infinity Pool: The Infinity pool at Wildernest Resort is one of India’s first and finest. It has been a venue for relaxation, romance and retreat. Creator of innumerable memories and stories, the 5.5 ft depth Infinity pool also has an attached baby pool. With both sun and shade by your side and the sweet fragrance of medicinal plants in the vicinity, the pool is heaven for those who love being in water.

Ayurshala: It is an initiative to revitalize the dying traditions of use of medicinal plants in the Goan Western Ghats. Ayurshala is based on the principles of Ayurveda in its purest form, as envisaged by the local communities.

Conservation Steps: Wildernest nature resort supports and sustains one of India’s first and finest private sanctuaries. It comprises 700 acres of biologically Western Ghats forests and includes evergreen forests, high-altitude grassland ecosystems, waterfalls and caves.

Pro-tip: view of Chorla Ghats is dreamy and at its brilliance during monsoons. The resort offers foot trails, machans and hides for bird watching, pottery and art studio – a fun and learning activity centre, off road excursions drives for exploring the hinterland, and bonfire sessions to begin long friendships between our naturalists and guests.

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